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The True Area 53 boss or Truth Area 53 boss is an object that appears in Sonic Advance 2. It is an orange combat vehicle created by Dr. Eggman which serves as the boss of True Area 53 as well as the true final boss of Sonic Advance 2. Using the mech, Dr. Eggman captured Vanilla and some Animals but was pursued by Sonic the Hedgehog in his Super form. It was destroyed while its captives were rescued.


The True Area 53 boss has an appearance of an orange cylindrical cannon with a hole in the middle of its main body with white/gray attachments surrounding it. It has several orange cylinders with gray metal outlines extending away from the main body in decreasing size forming a tail and it has two orange plates with a purple outline on either side of its body each with small orange lights. A black spherical glass located on top of the main body serves as the mech's cockpit.


While Vanilla was gazing upon the scenery at Leaf Forest in Earth with some Animals, Dr. Eggman piloted the True Area 53 boss and was able to capture them seemingly out of thin air before departing for space with his captives. When the doctor found out that Sonic in his Super Sonic form was on the chase, he revealed his mech and thus battled against his arch-nemesis in the midst of outer space. Despite putting a valiant effort in fighting against Sonic, Sonic used the True Area 53 boss's own weapons against it which destroyed the mech, and rescued all of the captured animals (who were all confined into a Capsule).

Powers and abilities

The True Area 53 boss is armed with a variety of weapons including energy projections powerful enough to knock back Super Sonic, missiles, freeze rays and vacuums that can even affect Super Sonic. A drawback to the missiles is that they can be used against the True Area 53 boss.

The True Area 53 boss also is capable of flight and invisibility.


Boss guide

As Super Sonic, the player starts with 50 Rings at the start of the fight and must continue to collect Rings to sustain his powered form. If Sonic's Ring count reaches zero at any point in the fight, the player will die, lose a life and will have to restart the boss fight from the beginning.

During the fight, Eggman will fire a couple of waves of energy balls at the player in various patterns. He will then fire missiles which the player must deflect them back at the cockpit and damage the mech using the Super Sonic Boost. Also Eggman will fire small energy orbs at Super Sonic's direction. From the second wave of missiles and onwards, Eggman will fire a laser which will freeze Super Sonic if he is hit. He will then inevitably be sucked in by a vacuum on Eggman's mech, causing him to lose rings while on the inside and be spit back out. However, if the player is hit by the laser but is invulnerable (ie. being knocked back from another attack), Super Sonic will not be frozen but the vacuum weapon will still activate. To avoid this, the player can just repeatedly boost away from it. As the fight progresses, Eggman will fire the laser at different phases of his missiles (either during or after the wave of missiles). Near the end of the fight, instead of attempting to freeze the player, Eggman will perform a spin attack towards Super Sonic, making it harder to aim the missiles at Eggman while doing so. After enough hits, the mech is defeated.

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