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Next stop, the Tropical Resort. There, you'll find breathtaking views from our giant Ferris wheel, amazing deals in the shopping mall, and constant risk of bodily harm.

Dr. Eggman, Sonic Colors (Wii)

The Tropical Resort (トロピカルリゾート Toropikaru Rizōto?) is the first Area of Sonic Colors, Sonic Colors (Nintendo DS), and Sonic Colors: Ultimate. It serves as the hotel element of Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park. It uses beautiful scenery to captivate the player, being right in the middle of a breath-taking view of planet Earth, the stars, and space. In the Wii version of Sonic Colors, Tropical Resort is divided into six Acts and a boss battle. In the Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colors, it features two Acts, a boss battle, and three extra missions.


The Tropical Resort is a gigantic shopping mall located in Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park, acting as the heart of the park on the underside of the Egg Mecha. The place has a picturesque view of space and Sonic's world. The Area itself is a beautiful park full of lights and vibrant colors, decorated with vegetation, apparently from foreign planets,[1] giant wooden masks and "WELCOME!" signs. Despite their innocent appearance, the stars surrounding the Tropical Resort are unfiltered and full of deadly radiation.[2] It is also a great place to get some interstellar shopping done.


Sonic and Tails arrive at the Tropical Resort after having suspicions about Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park. Sonic thinks that the park is just another one of Dr. Eggman's evil schemes for world conquest, but Tails tries to convince him to just enjoy the place. Eventually however, they find Orbot and Cubot, Eggman's lackeys, trying to catch a White Wisp and a Cyan Wisp. After Sonic saves the aliens, the Cyan Wisp gets into his body, giving him the Cyan Laser Color Power for a short time. As the heroes cannot understand the Wisps' language, Tails starts to make a translator from his Miles Electric to communicate with them. Meanwhile, Sonic explores Tropical Resort to find answers.

Making his way through the Tropical Resort, Sonic frees any Wisps he can find. Eventually, he finds Eggman, who is counting some kidnapped Wisps in the company of Orbot and Cubot. Frustrated since Sonic keeps getting in the way of his plans, Eggman orders the release of the Rotatatron (or Globotron in the DS version) to destroy the hedgehog while he and his lackeys leave the scene. While Sonic manages to destroy the robot easily, he is unaware that one of its parts has gotten stuck in Eggman's mind control cannon.

Sonic soon after meet up with Tails and the White Wisp again, with Tails having finished his translator. With the device, the heroes learn from the White Wisp (who introduces himself as "Yacker") that Eggman is kidnapping the Wisps. With this intel in hand, Sonic, Tails and Yacker leave the Tropical Resort to save the Wisps from Eggman.

After freeing all the Wisps from Eggman, Sonic and Tails return to Tropical Resort to celebrate with the Wisps. However, shortly after, they are all forced to leave, as Eggman's malfunctioning mind control cannon had accidentally created a black hole that had begun consuming the Tropical Resort.


The Tropical Resort is a fast-paced Area, with many secret paths to find with the use of Color Powers. Grind Rails are very common in the Acts.

Overview (Wii)

For a Red Star Ring guide, see Tropical Resort/Red Star Rings.

Act 1

Before any opening cinematic or even asking for player data, the game throws the player straight into Tropical Resort Act 1. This introduces the player to the basic controls of the game, such as jumping, grinding, the Homing Attack and the Boost. Despite being an introductory stage, there are many areas in this Act for the player to explore once they unlock the Cyan and Yellow Wisps later in the game. At the end is a Prison Capsule to break open to clear the Act.

Act 2

Tropical Resort Act 2 is an extension of the previous Act, this time focusing primarily on 2D sections and introducing the player to slower platforming and objects such as fans that will propel Sonic vertically to reach Rings, platforms, and Wisp Capsules. Right before the end of the stage, there is a hill lined with Egg Pawns scattered in a zigzag pattern, along with prisms that Sonic can ricochet off of using the Cyan Wisp to knock all of them out in succession later on once he acquires it. The Act ends with a Prison Capsule for Sonic to break open.

Act 3

Tropical Resort Act 3 introduces the player to the Quick Step and the Cyan Laser. In the later part of the Act, there is an area full of boxes that Sonic can break through using the Stomp attack. This Act has two Goal Rings at the end of the stage. One is accessed via the Cyan Wisp.

Act 4

Tropical Resort Act 4 is a short 2D Act. Despite its size, collecting all of the Special Rings in this Act requires a bit of exploration, and two of them can only be reached by using the Purple Wisp, which isn't unlocked until much later in the game.

Act 5

Tropical Resort Act 5 makes use of the Cyan Wisp, focusing on prisms that Sonic can ricochet from and targets that he can break to earn more points. Some of these targets are hidden beneath boxes that can only be reached by using the Pink Wisp and Cyan Wisp. Some prisms can only be reached by jumping up and pointing the laser downward.

Act 6

Tropical Resort Act 6 is a short 2D Act, similar to the previous two Acts. This Act introduces rotating platforms and platforms activated by switches. There is also a sealed-off section near the end of the Act that requires the Pink Wisp to access. This is one of the few Acts that Super Sonic cannot be played in due to a lack of enough Rings in the upper section.

Overview (Nintendo DS)


The Tutorial Stage in the Nintendo DS version of the game takes place at the Tropical Resort. Tails walks the player through basic functions such as running, jumping, sliding, stomping, the Spin Dash and the Wall Jump.

Act 1

Tropical Resort Act 1 is where Sonic and Tails first run into Yacker and the White Wisps, chasing away Orbot and Cubot, who are looking to capture them. The level itself is fairly straightforward and encourages the player to use the basic moves from the tutorial. Near the end of the Act, there is a 3D Hang Glider sequence in which the player can move around to avoid obstacles and collect Rings while gliding. There are more areas to explore here after unlocking the White and Red Wisps.

Act 2

The Act starts out with Sonic boosting and smashing past a barrier, releasing a ferris wheel that will roll after Sonic. Sonic must remain boosting in order to keep ahead of the ferris wheel and avoid being crushed by it. The rest of the stage is much like Act 1, mainly filled with straightforward fast-paced sections. There are more routes accessible once the player can use the Red Burst.

Mission 1

Orbot and Cubot are hassling Cream and Cheese, having mistaken the Chao for a Wisp and attempting to kidnap him. To clear Mission 1, Sonic must collect thirty White Wisps within one minute by defeating Badniks or destroying Wisp Capsules.

After the mission, Cream explains that she mistook the space elevator for a ride and traveled up to the park with Cheese.

Mission 2

Orbot and Cubot have kidnapped a Chao and will not release it unless Sonic wins a game. Mission 2 is a Time Trial in which checkpoints will increase Sonic's remaining time. To clear this mission, the player must reach the goal before time runs out.

Mission 3

After Cheese and the other Chao have been rescued, Cubot returns, complaining that his previous failures meant that Eggman sent them to bed without dinner. To clear this mission, Sonic must collect two-hundred and fifty Rings within one minute and thirty seconds. After completing the mission, Cream worries about the robots going without food again, although Sonic tries to explain that machines do not quite work that way.



Main article: Rotatatron


This area's boss is a one-eyed robot named Rotatatron. The arena consists of a ferris wheel-like loop that extends all the way around the rest of the level, and platforms that orbit the center and spin occasionally. To attack the boss, the player has to either use the Homing Attack on the eye or use the Cyan Laser on any part of the boss (hitting the eye or arms is most effective). The boss attacks by grabbing at the player if they are on the frame or by shooting spinning shuriken-like bombs at them if they are on the platforms. The boss will be defeated after it takes 2-4 hits.

NIntendo DS

Main article: Globotron


The Tropical Resort boss takes place in a circular arena versus Globotron. As with most bosses in the game, the boss is fought on a 3D rotunda. Globotron periodically lashes down with its arms; if the player boosts into an attackable part of Globotron's limbs, they wil be rewarded with a Red Wisp, which can be used to attack the boss floating in the air.


Please note that the following rankings only apply to the Wii version of the game.

Rank Score
Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Act 4 Act 5 Act 6
S Rank (Sonic Colors Wii).png
1150000 1150000 1300000 850000 1150000 550000
A Rank (Sonic Colors Wii).png
800000 700000 850000 500000 750000 500000
B Rank (Sonic Colors Wii).png
650000 550000 650000 400000 650000 400000
C Rank (Sonic Colors Wii).png
450000 400000 450000 250000 500000 300000
D Rank (Sonic Colors Wii).png
<450000 <400000 <450000 <250000 <500000 <300000

Eggman's Quotes

At various points during the stage, Eggman's voice is heard in the background over a loudspeaker. He says the following phrases:

  • "Please refrain from throwing coins, trash, or small children into the reflecting pools."
  • "Would Sonic the Hedgehog please report to the security office? Sonic the Hedgehog, please report to the security office. We found your... uh... YOUR KEYS! Yes, that's it, we found your keys. No need to be ready for a trap, since we only want to return your keys!"
  • "The unfiltered starlight from the lovely constellations above is full of deadly radiation! Help yourself to our complimentary SPF 3000 Starblock. And by complimentary, I mean quite expensive."
  • "Would the owner of a white hovercar shaped like an egg please report to the front desk? Your car has been broken into. Repeat, would the owner of a white hovercar shaped like an egg please report to the front desk? Your car has been broken in-- Wait a minute, what the heck?!"
  • "Notice the lovely planet floating in the sky above you, soon to be the property of Eggman Enterprises."
  • "Please refrain from foiling evil schemes, plots, and/or plans while inside the park. Foiling is strictly prohibited."
  • "Enjoy every moment in the luxurious grounds as they might be your last, especially if you're a meddlesome hedgehog, or his fawning sidekick."
  • "No aliens were harmed in the creation of this park. They were all harmed AFTER the park was created."
  • "Please do not be concerned if you encounter any screaming aliens. The screams are how they communicate. Really! I promise."
  • "He just thinks he's SO cool, doesn't he?"
  • "Please refrain from teasing the robots, as they are very sensitive, and require expensive maintenance."
  • "We here at Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park consider ourselves the universe's first fully green amusement park; although the green is from all the nausea and vomiting, but still, green is green."
  • "Please feel free to fill out a brief survey after your visit. Your opinions matter to us. Unless you didn't have fun, then we don't care."
  • "The foliage you see was pilfered from various environmentally fragile planets. Please enjoy them, as they are the last of their kind."
  • "The following rides are closed for repairs: The 'Free Money Ride', 'It's An All You Can Eat World', and 'Pick A Car, Any Car'."
  • "Please feel free to leave all valuables in your vehicle during your stay here at Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park, as they will be perfectly safe. In no way will roaming bands of robots break into your vehicle."
  • (during cutscene) Welcome to Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park, where you can enjoy five planets for the price of one!
  • (during cutscene) Hello, happy people! Buckle up as Eggman's Ultra-Accelerating Space Elevator whisks you to an interplanetary wonderland of fun!
  • (during cutscene) This amusement park has been constructed entirely out of a sense of remorse for my past transgressions and is in no way associated with any sort of evil plot or premeditated misdeeds.


  • With hacks or glitching, players can see that Acts of the Tropical Resort are actually loaded as part of one single map. Depending on which Act the player chooses to play first (For example, Act 1), any gimmicks such as ramps, Rings, Wisp capsules, springs and enemies are not loaded for any other Acts/Segments of the map.
    • The above also applies for almost all other levels and Acts in the game with the exceptions of all three Terminal Velocity Acts and Game Land Acts.
    • Like with the other primary areas, the six Acts of the Tropical Resort are configured from two individual maps. The first map consists of Acts 1 and 2, with Act 2 starting immediately where Act 1 ends, while the second map consists of Act 3. Act 4 takes place within the first 2D section of Act 1, Act 5 takes place within Act 3 starting with the first 2D section, and Act 6 takes place within the final 2D section of Act 3.
  • Although the Maps and cutscenes show that the Tropical Resort is anchored by a space elevator towards the planet, in-game Acts do not display this, and neither appears in the skybox even though the planet is supposed to be anchored to it.
  • The music for the Boss Stage has the same opening sound as Deep Core's music from Sonic Rush Adventure.
  • The music played in Act 1 can be played in events in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games and Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.
  • The Tropical Resort's Act 1 theme song was performed live by both Jun Senoue and Tomoya Ohtani.[3]


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
"Area - Tropical Resort" Naofumi Hataya 3:45
"Tropical Resort - Act 1" Tomoya Ohtani 4:21
"Tropical Resort - Act 2" 2:23
"Tropical Resort - Act 3" 4:10
"Tropical Resort - Act 1 (Remix)" 4:24
"Tropical Resort - Act 2 (Remix)" 3:00
"Tropical Resort - Act 3 (Remix)" 4:13



Nintendo DS

Sonic Colors Ultimate


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