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Not to be confused with the Tropical Jungle Zone from Sonic the Comic.

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Tropical Jungle (Sonic)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Tropical Jungle (Shadow)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Tropical Jungle (Silver)

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Tropical Jungle is an Action Stage in Sonic the Hedgehog. This level is located in Soleanna Forest, the same hub that contains Kingdom Valley.



After rescuing Princess Elise and destroying the Egg-Genesis, Sonic The Hedgehog dashes off into the Tropical Jungle to put some distance between him and Dr. Eggman. However, no corner of Soleanna is truly free of the doctor’s influence, as even this lush paradise is overrun with robots. The menacing mechs are not Sonic’s only problem in the wilderness, however. He must carefully navigate the dizzying heights of the dense jungle canopy, where a misstep can be disastrous. Before paradise is truly lost, Sonic must carry Elise to safety on the other side of the jungle.

Sonic the Hedgehog travels through the Tropical Jungle along with Elise in order to escape Doctor Eggman's robots. This stage has two Acts, while Sonic carries Elise throughout this stage. The stage begins with Sonic running through the inside of a tree trunk and bouncing off of springs. Sonic will occasionally grab onto vines with purple flowers on the end to swing to a higher elevation. There are also occasions where Sonic runs across giant turtles.


Rouge the Bat takes over for Shadow the Hedgehog when it comes time to visit the Tropical Jungle, a paradise of ancient ruins and lush jungle landscapes. Graceful sea turtles swim through the waters beneath the ruins, granting passage to heroes unable to swim the waters on their own.

Shadow the Hedgehog never plays through this level in his story. Instead, the player flies through as Rouge the Bat searching for Omega. It is a relatively short stage. The player is never required have to use the vines to swing onto a higher platform due to Rouge's ability to climb walls and glide. This stage is simply a maze of platforms.


Silver The Hedgehog lands in the Tropical Jungle, seeking further evidence of the so-called Iblis Trigger. The lush paradise starkly contrasts Silver’s infernal future, but the psychic hedgehog has no time for sightseeing. He must weave through the maze of ruins, ride on the backs of giant turtles, and defeat a legion of robots to reach the exit and get closer to his quarry. Silver’s abilities to levitate and walk up walls help him navigate the labyrinthine ruins, but seeking high ground isn’t always the solution in the jungle. Sometimes he’ll have to get right in the thick of it, trading blows with ‘bots while seeking out the pathway back to town.

Tropical Jungle is Silver the Hedgehog's first stage after traveling to the past, in which he attempts to escape the Jungle Ruins and find the Iblis Trigger. Silver's version of Tropical Jungle is more involved than the other two. Not only does he swing on vines and run along platforms, but occasionally he will have to actually ride on the giant turtles to get to a new area. Other times, Silver will be expected to fling giant logs through wooden blockades in order to proceed.


Knuckles the Echidna goes through the ruins here in the End of the World to find the cyan Chaos Emerald.


Sonic's Story

Elise and Sonic at Tropical Jungle

After Sonic completes his fight with the Egg Genesis and rescues Elise, they proceed into the forest to escape the onslaught of Eggman's robots headed their way. Sonic carries Elise for the entire level.

Shadow's Story

Rouge comes back from the future with Shadow's Chaos Emerald. She is now worried about him, as he no longer has a means of returning to the past. She then gets a contact from G.U.N. asking her if she had recovered the Scepter of Darkness (in an error, the game says "book" of darkness). Rouge says she needs to get into contact with E-123 Omega. Once his location is pinpointed, she goes off into the forest to find him. Upon locating the robot, she explains the situation to him and Omega heads off to complete his new mission.

Silver's Story

After defeating Iblis, Silver is told by Mephiles the Dark that, in order to save his future, he must head into the past and find the Iblis Trigger. Silver gets a vision from a Chaos Emerald that shows him the Iblis Trigger is none other than Sonic the Hedgehog. Mephiles then takes it upon himself to send them into the past. Silver is thrown into the past where the forest is located, where he looks around and realizes that he's been separated from both Blaze and Mephiles. He notices his surroundings and is transfixed by the jungle's beauty. With that, he heads off into the forest to complete his mission and find the Iblis Trigger.

Silver Medal locations


  1. After landing from the Ramp, there is an item box in front of the path the player travels through. The player must use the Homing Attack on the item, then Jump Dash backwards to collect the medal.
  2. The player must drop down from the first Vine they ride to a wooden platform and smash the crates on the left of the platform.
  3. Just after the first point marker during the grind, the player should stay on the first vine, then jump off and slam into the Egg Gunner before jumping to the medal to the left below the robot.
  4. The player must get on the rail under the third medal to come across the second vine of this section. They must swing as high as they can and jump out to reach another vine. Elise will call out that the player should jump to the right. The player should follow her directions to reach another vine that swings to the fourth Silver Medal.
  5. In the second section when walking across the water, the player must duck beneath the sentry and poke into a small alcove to the left. the fifth medal hides back behind the bog grass.
  6. After the fifth medal, the player must head up to the pillars. The sixth medal is on top of the tall pillar in the middle of the water.
  7. The player should keep jumping across the pillars until they find a Wide Spring. After jumping from the spring, they must use a Homing Attack onto two robots, then use it again to catch a rail with the seventh Silver Medal on it.
  8. Below the platforms where the player got the sixth medal, they must use the Energy Field on the water and move to the left. Sonic will say "Oh, is there a back road?" the player must go in that direction and get on the next vine, and the eighth Silver medal will be on a platform to the left of it.
  9. In the same area the eighth medal is in, there is a Lotus below it on the water. The player must walk past the lotus, then look under the boardwalk to their left.
  10. From the Lotus, the player must continue on the boardwalk, going to the highest route after that. They will eventually reach a Vine, and must go through the Rainbow Ring to grab the medal.


  1. The player must Glide to the opposite side of the first temple ruin site until they looks down on a corridor full of deactivated robots. The first Silver Medal rests under the stone tablet in the middle of the corridor. The player must bomb the tablet to reveal the medal.
  2. From the first medal, the player must climb up a wall, then go along the narrow platform pathway past the sleeping Egg Guardians. Near the end of this narrow pathway, the player should look to the right for three tall pillars, and the second Silver Medal will be seen on top of the tallest one.
  3. From the second medal, the player must turn to the left and look down at the pillars rising out of the water. The player should glide toward them, and the Silver Medal will be on top of one of these pillars.
  4. After the third medal, the player must glide over the Turtle to the pillar behind the ferns. The medal is on the side of this pillar.
  5. From the fourth medal, the player must glide to the right to a large platform with two Egg Guardians and Egg Gunners, then destroy them all to reveal the fifth medal.
  6. From the previous medal, the player must glide toward the nearest Vine, then land on the pillar behind it. The Silver Medal is on top of this pillar.
  7. From the same location, the player should glide to the left. The medal is under a platform the Egg Gunner is walking on, behind four Wooden Containers.
  8. From the seventh medal, the player must turn back to the narrow platform and run straight past the Hint Ring about the Vine. Just beyond the Hint Ring, it is underneath the narrow platform that the player is on.
  9. After the eighth medal, the player must go straight to make several Egg Guardians appear. They should destroy them all, then look for a stone panel and bomb it to reveal the medal.
  10. It is on the top of a pillar near the ninth medal's position, next to a tree.


  1. At the first log, the player must use Psychokinesis on the PK mark, then jump off to the right when the log is high in the air to reach the first Silver Medal.
  2. From the first medal, the player should go straight and then turn to the left, and they will see a Vine. They must use it to spring up into the air and land on a narrow platform, then turn right and follow the platform to the end.
  3. After getting the second medal, the player must turn around on that platform and head in the direction of the Egg Guardian protecting a log door. Instead of knocking down this door, the player should jump off to the left of this door and land on that narrow platform, then go to the left for the third Silver Medal.
  4. After the first point marker, the player should move to the right and jump on a series of three platforms. When they reach to the platform with an Egg Stinger, they will see a vine spring down below. After springing off it, they should levitate and land, turn to the left, then levitate on top of the log door for a Silver Medal.
  5. After grabbing the fourth medal, the player should turn around and go back to the platform ahead. Thy must keep going straight, then look down to see the second point marker far below. The player must drop down here and pick up the brown lid before this point marker to find the fifth Silver Medal hiding with an Invincible Item Box.
  6. At the same point marker, the player should turn around, and they will see a fruit hanging over the water. They should throw a wooden container at the fruit to make the turtle appear, then ride this turtle directly to the sixth Silver Medal.
  7. The player must run past the point marker near where Silver says I wish I could go up and go in that direction, using the lotus to bounce to the other side of the boardwalk. In front of the two Egg Guardians, the seventh Silver Medal is hidden in a hole under a brown lid guarded by another robot.
  8. After grabbing the seventh medal, the player must go around the giant pillar, and they will see a log up ahead with the eighth Silver Medal on it. The player must use Psychokinesis on a container to reach it.
  9. After the eigth medal, the player should turn around and head back to the previous point marker, turn to the right, use the vine and then the spring to get to the higher boardwalk. Instead of going left, they must go right, then levitate through the path of Rings to the platform with the giant pillar. The Silver Medal is to the right of this pillar.
  10. Afterward, the player should head back to the higher boardwalk and go to the left. The tenth Silver Medal is floating in the air off to the side of the boardwalk up ahead.


  • Tropical Jungle is one of the two Action Stages that is not used in the Multiplayer modes (the other being Radical Train).
  • When Sonic and Elise go on a catapult-esque vine, the "Aaah!" screamed by Elise is accidentally the Japanese version.









Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Tropical Jungle ~The Jungle~ ~The Swamp~ Mariko Nanba 4:17
Tropical Jungle ~The Ruins~ Mariko Nanba 2:42



Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - Sonic - Tropical Jungle - Hard Mode (S-Rank)


Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - Silver - Tropical Jungle - Hard Mode (S-Rank)


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