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Collect Trophies by winning battles. Meet the Tier milestones to move up to the next Tier for better rewards and exciting new tracks!

— Description, Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.

Trophies are objects that appear in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle. They are either awarded or lost depending on how the player places after finishing a race.


Trophies are stereotypical golden cups with straight wings on the sides for handles. They also have purple and white stripes across their middle, and a Phantom Ruby embedded in their center.


Trophies are the main point system in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, used to determine a player's position on the game's leaderboard. They are awarded in a fashion similar to an Elo rating system.

Depending on how many Trophies a player has, they will be placed in one of the game's ten Tiers. Each Tier unlocks different tracks to race on and/or increases the number of rewards the player can receive from Chests.

Tracks and Tiers

Tier Name Requirement Tracks unlocked
Icon Location Track Difficulty
1 Rookie Default Tier SFSB Pyramid Valley.png Green Hill Pyramid Valley Easy
SFSB Temple Gate.png Sky Sanctuary Temple Gate Easy
GoldenBay - StreetRetreat.png Golden Bay Street Retreat[note 1] Easy
2 Scout 100 Trophies SFSB Sunset Bridge.png City Sunset Bridge Easy
SFSB Celestial Skyway.png Sky Sanctuary Celestial Skyway Medium
SFSBECZDowntownDash.png Emerald City Downtown Dash Easy
3 Fighter 500 Trophies SFSB Corkscrew Canyon.png Green Hill Corkscrew Canyon Medium
SFSB Splash Highway.png City Splash Highway Medium
SFSBMiningMayhem.png Planet Wisp Mining Mayhem Medium
4[note 2] Specialist 1000 Trophies SFSB Lambent Grove.png Mystic Jungle Lambent Grove Medium
Pinnacle Peaks.png Sky Sanctuary Pinnacle Peaks Medium
SFSBECZEmeraldMarketBlitz.png Emerald City Emerald Market Blitz Medium
5 Veteran 1500 Trophies SFSB Parched Palms.png Green Hill Parched Palms Hard
SFSB Ancient Isles.png Sky Sanctuary Ancient Isles Hard
GoldenBay - SuburbanSpeedway.png Golden Bay Suburban Speedway Medium
6 Leader 2250 Trophies SFSB Electric Arbor.png Mystic Jungle Electric Arbor Hard
SFSB Viaduct Valley.png City Viaduct Valley Hard
SFSBECZBigCitySprint.png Emerald City Big City Sprint Hard
7 Hero 3000 Trophies Dash Vegas.png Mystic Jungle Dash Vegas Hard
SFSB Spiral Heights.png Sky Sanctuary Spiral Heights Hard
GoldenBay - HighHillPark.png Golden Bay High Hill Park Hard
8[note 3] Master 4000 Trophies GlowingGrotto.png Mystic Jungle Glowing Grotto Hard
SFSB Red Gate Bay.png City Red Gate Bay Hard
SFSBMiningMayhem.png Planet Wisp Mining Mayhem R Reversed
9 Elite 5000 Trophies SFSBTier9Badge.png N/A
10 Champion 6000 Trophies SFSBTier10Badge.png N/A


  • Though the Phantom Ruby embedded in the Trophy's center uses its striped design from Sonic Forces, it retains its geometric shape from its Sonic Mania design.´


  1. This track is no longer available from Tier 8 onwards.
  2. This Tier is the entry point for Seasons.
  3. From this Tier onwards, any Trophies gained past the 4000 required will be reset at the end of the Season.

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