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Trogg from Sonic the Comic #17. Art by Dave Windett.

Trogg is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a monstrous and ferocious warrior from the Land Beyond (which exists in the same dimension as the Nameless Zone, beyond the Dimension Bridge), and a nemesis of Miles "Tails" Prower. He first appeared in "The Nameless Zone, Part 1" (Sonic the Comic #16), and was created by Nigel Kitching and Dave Windett.


Trogg was created when Shirob, the eldest and most powerful of the Enchanter Kings (rulers of the Nameless Zone), accidentally made contact with a demonic being known as the Evil One (later referred to as the Dark One). This contact drove Shirob insane and transformed him into Trogg.[1] Incredibly strong and with the power to turn others into beings like him, he disappeared and terrorized the Zone. The other Kings believed that Trogg had murdered Shirob, and he was banished over the Dimension Bridge into the Land Beyond, where he soon took control. (This occurred some time before the start of Sonic the Comic, since Tails was still a resident of the Nameless Zone at the time.)[2]

Some time later, Trogg sought to invade the Nameless Zone with his armies. However, the Enchanter Kings' protective spells prevented Trogg from crossing the Dimension Bridge into the Nameless Zone unless he first defeated a champion of their choosing.[2] The Enchanter Kings chose Tails, believing that he had become a great warrior on Mobius, and summoned him to their aid. Tails won largely by luck, and Trogg was again expelled to the Land Beyond.[3][4]

Trogg swore vengeance on Tails for this defeat. He assumed the form of Shirob once again and sent a message to the Enchanter Kings for help, claiming to be Trogg's prisoner.[1] The Enchanter Kings once again summoned Tails, who travelled to the Land Beyond along with the swordsman Errol Blackthorn.[2] Trogg managed to lure the two would-be rescuers into a trap and revealed his true identity as Shirob, but they managed to escape through a portal. Trogg hurled his sword through after them, but to no use.[1][5]

Some time later, Trogg managed to capture the Enchanter Kings. Errol Blackthorn was sent to attempt a rescue, but he was captured as well and transformed into a monster.[6] Trogg intended to turn the Enchanter Kings into "a superior life-form", that is monsters like him.[7] While he had been able to transform Errol with his own power (suggesting he still possessed some of Shirob's magical talent), to transform the Enchanter Kings he required the aid of the Dark One, which he summoned with the Dark Orb.[8] The Dark One successfully turned the Enchanter Kings into monsters, but Knuckles, Tails and Errol's sister Morain were able to steal the Dark Orb. By throwing it into the "non-existent space" below the Dimension Bridge, they destroyed the Dark One, thereby reversing the transformations of the Enchanter Kings,[9] Errol, and even Trogg himself, who reverted back to Shirob (although it took longer in his case). With his sanity and form restored, Shirob bade Tails and Knuckles farewell.[10]

When Tails was summoned the final time to the Nameless Zone, this time by Morain, Shirob was shown simply as one of the three Enchanter Kings, and showing no signs of his previous madness as Trogg.[11]


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