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Not much is known yet about Trip, the mysterious girl first encountered by Fang on the Northstar Islands. While a bit clumsy, Trip is heavily armored and has been enlisted by Fang and Dr. Eggman to protect and guide them around the wonders of this uncharted region.

— Description, Sonic Superstars website

Trip the Sungazer[3] (トリップ・ザ・サンゲイザー[4] Torippu za Sangeizā?) is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is an anthropomorphic sungazer lizard[2] that inhabits the Northstar Islands. She was once hired by Dr. Eggman and Fang the Hunter to guide them through the archipelago's areas[5] before defecting from them and joining Sonic and his friends. She is the current guardian of the Northstar Islands.[6]

Concept and creation[]

Sonic Superstars Digital Art Book pg 06

Trip's final designs alongside some earlier designs and concepts.

Trip was jointly created by Takashi Iizuka and Naoto Ohshima as part of the development on Sonic Superstars. As the pair were discussing the game's story, they felt they needed to introduce a new character; one that would have a background and unique characteristics, as well as being a character that people could empathize with and enjoy. That the character would fit in with the setting was of particular importance to Iizuka and the team, as he recognized that previous games had tended to introduce new characters as enemies, and strong ones at that (he has cited Infinite as an example of this). For the new character, they wanted to do something different.[7]

Trip was primarily designed by Ohshima, though worked closely with Iizuka to come up with ideas for the new character. They sent visuals back and forth and had an ongoing dialogue as to the character's personality. Ideas for the character included an armored lizard and the ouroboros. Trip was made a sungazer lizard. The Japanese translation of sungazer is "armored lizard", so her being covered in armor is a reflection of this.[7]

While Trip is initially treated as an antagonist, her style of presentation was designed to be different from previous villains, in that when players first see her, she's presented as clumsy, this acts as a way to subtly show that she isn't truly an antagonist in the end.


Trip is an orange-scaled anthropomorphic sungazer lizard with black eyes and peach skin covering her muzzle and arms. She has two eyelashes on each side of her eyes, a small brown-pointed horn on her muzzle, three yellow spikes across her brown scales area, which rounds from her forehead above to her "hair" back, and a brown and orange zigzag-striped tail. She also has two ear-like bumps on both sides of her head.

For attire, she wears a brown and yellow zigzag-layered dress-like sleeveless shirt with a gold patch on the chest, white gloves with gold cuffs that possess two studs, black tights, and orange shoes with gold toes that possess two studs and brown cuffs and heel-squared regions.

As for Trip's armor, it consists of blocky bronze pieces attached to her cuffs, a bronze bucket-like helmet with black circular eye lenses that has gold frames, a darker row of three gold spikes on its front and studs, a bulky bronze armor with studs on the waist front covering her torso, and brown shoes with circular bronze pieces attached to her cuffs and blocky bronze soles with studs on the toes.


Sonic Superstars: Fang's Big Break[]

Trip first appears wearing her armor after Fang the Hunter runs afoul of a Giant Flicky and captures it in retribution, causing her to try and fight him with a spear, though she trips and drops the weapon, causing Fang to strong-arm her into working for him and Dr. Eggman in discovering the Northstar Islands' secrets.

Sonic Superstars: Trio of Trouble[]

Sonic Superstars TOT 213

Trip working with Fang and Dr. Eggman, from Sonic Superstars: Trio of Trouble.

After Fang jolted awake from his nightmare, he continued to escort Eggman and Trip through an unnamed temple. However, while Fang and Eggman were trying to locate the hidden message, Trip crawled through a crevice to find a flower, which, to her dismay, is crushed by Eggman. Eggman also was trying to decode the message while Fang and Trip were busy fighting a giant snake. In the final scenes of the fight, Trip throws Tails' battery at Fang, of which he used to recharge his Marvelous Queen. That said, both Fang and Trip defeated the snake. When Fang was rejoicing however, it appears as if he took all the credit for himself, and left nothing for Trip, leaving her seemingly distraught. Worse still, she proceeded to walk up to and touch the snake of whom Fang "defeated", with some connotations of her feeling seemingly regretful.

Sonic Superstars[]

Main Story[]

During the game's intro, Trip oversaw the conversion of the giant Animals of the Northstar Islands into Badniks with Dr. Eggman and Fang. In a panic, she also follows Fang as he is closely studying the drawing Eggman made earlier only to trip and collide with him before he exited the facility, causing him to severely dress her down as she nods in shame before the alarms reveal Sonic and Tails' impending arrival.[5]

Some time later, Fang accidentally runs into Trip during his pursuit of Sonic at the end of the hedgehog's personalized act in Speed Jungle Zone. This causes Fang to be very angry at Trip for standing in his way. At the end of Speed Jungle Zone Act 2, Trip would follow the four protagonists (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy) with Fang in hot pursuit, still furious. This caused Trip to trip and drop her remote control, accidentally activating a trap which captured Fang. This prompted Trip to panic.[8] At the end of Lagoon City Zone Act 1, Trip presses a button on her remote control, to activate a trap door that the protagonists run over, but the trap door doesn't open up, which causes Trip to worry. Later, Trip steps onto the trap door and presses the button again, but still nothing happens. Fang gets a bit impatient from all this, causing Trip to repeatedly press the button in panic before realizing she made a big mistake before the trap door opens and she falls down, much to Fang's horror.

Upon getting back up and looking around, Trip finds herself all alone and cries from fear and isolation. Amy comes across Trip during the hedgehog's personalized act in Lagoon City Zone and calms down the armored lizard. Amy then carries Trip through the remainder of the former's personalized act until they reach the end, where Amy gives Trip an apple that she picked up earlier, making her very happy. Trip happily waves goodbye to Amy as she continues on her journey with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. At the end of Golden Capital Zone Act 1 and near the beginning of Knuckles' personalized Act in the said zone, Trip is seen getting kidnapped by Fang. At the end of Golden Capital Zone Act 2, Trip arrives to keep Fang from using the Chaos Emeralds that Sonic and his friends collected throughout the game, but that only results in Fang kicking Trip away. Finally fed up with Fang's abuse, Trip gets back up on her feet in rage, which shocks Fang, right before she takes off her armor, revealing her regular self. Trip then uses the Chaos Emeralds to transform into her Golden Dragon form. But that doesn't stop Fang as the four protagonists and Trip watch Fang getting inside his colossal mech. Trip then breaks inside the mech and destroys it, taking Fang with it. Trip changes back into her normal form as the Chaos Emeralds return to Sonic and company. Feeling very happy to see each other again, Amy and Trip both run up to each other. Then, Amy introduces her new friend to Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, but Trip’s shyness kicks in and puts on her helmet. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles chuckle before Trip peeks from under her helmet and smiles.

The first part of the game's ending cutscene shows Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Trip escaping the exploding Egg Fortress Zone in Tails' renovated Egg Mobile. The second part of the ending cutscene show the crew back on solid ground in the Northstar Islands as the newly freed Animals celebrate Sonic and co.'s victory over Eggman, and Sonic gets Trip to shake his hand to celebrate their new friendship.

Trip's Story[]

Trip's story begins with the lizard playing with the Animals, before noticing one of Eggman's creations flying right by them. Trip then takes off her helmet and goes on her own journey to see what's going on. During Egg Fortress Zone Act 2, Trip has a one-on-one battle with Fang, first in his heavily armored Marvelous Queen, then in his fully restored colossal mech. Trip destroys Fang's mech once and for all, causing the purple jerboa to fly right towards the screen and comically crashing into it. The first part of the ending cutscene is a shortened version of the main game's ending, where a renovated Egg Mobile escapes the exploding Egg Fortress Zone. The second part of the ending cutscene shows the Animals, Sonic and Tails, celebrating Trip's return to the Northstar Islands after her battle against Fang. The cutscene ends with Trip blushing a bit and putting on her helmet.

Last Story[]

This story's ending cutscene has Trip holding up the Black Onyx and using it to seal the Black Dragon inside once and for all. Once the beast is sealed back inside its "egg", The Animals, along with Sonic's friends, celebrate Sonic and Trip's victory. The cutscene ends with Eggman's crudely drawn picture of the dragon from the intro cutscene floating back down towards the ground.


Sonic Superstars TOT 100

Trip upon seeing lonely flowers, from Sonic Superstars: Trio of Trouble.

While Trip initially seems rather sinister in appearance with her armor, she is quickly shown to be very non-threatening, worrisome, and clumsy, as well as being the most under-credited of the trio, with all the credit going either to Fang or Eggman even in her few moments of success under their lead. Despite being depicted as an antagonist at first, it is made clear that there is a degree of good intent in her from the start, as evidenced by her expressions of sadness whenever she sees nature being threatened before her eyes, like when Eggman steps on some flowers or when Fang captures a giant Flicky.

In truth, Trip is a docile and empathetic sungazer lizard girl, that gets easily shy by the simple gaze of anyone to her face if not using her characteristic helmet, and has a sensible side, bursting into tears when in desperation and also being innocently friendly to anyone who approaches her without malice. As seen with her interactions with Amy, and later Sonic and the rest of the group, Trip is willing to open up to anyone who shows kindness to her. Although sensible and with a heart of gold, even Trip has her limits on tolerating villains. After being hurt by Fang one last time, Trip finally lost her patience and revealed her face in front of everyone, finally deciding to fend for herself after being encouraged by Amy's kind actions. Past this point, Trip braves up and is more willing to fight for what is right, as shown when she willingly uses the Chaos Emeralds to turn into her Dragon Form to stop Fang and later in her own story where she sets out on her own to protect her home when she notices Eggman's robots are still around. She also seems to have knowledge on ancient magic powers, as seen when she impulsively uses the Chaos Emeralds' power without question and later uses the Black Onyx to seal the Black Dragon. When Trip isn't wearing her helmet, she seems to be significantly less clumsy and much more capable, implying that the helmet might be impeding her abilities when she wears it.

Though she sides with the heroes in the end and gets braver, Trip is still very shy, still putting her helmet on in fear when noticing strangers and generally leaving her helmet on most of the time, only taking it off when she's either around her friends or when she goes off to stop wrongdoers on her own. She also seems to put on her helmet to hide strong emotions, such as when she puts on her helmet after blushing when her friends celebrate her return after defeating Fang in her story. Despite this, Trip is easily overjoyed over having her new friends.

Powers and abilities[]

Trip the sungazer double jump

Trip's rolling appearance, from Sonic Superstars.

Trip has a double jump ability that allows her to reach heights that some others cannot. Despite her clumsiness she can be quite agile. She also has the ability to stick to both walls and ceilings with her spiky exterior, allowing her to roll up a wall, scale different surfaces or climb on a ceiling. Trip is also capable of breathing out a small fireball on her own without a super form (as shown with her extra Emerald ability).

Weapons and equipment[]

In Fang's Big Break, Trip is seen provoking Fang with a spear before tripping on a vine and dropping it, causing the jerboa to snap it with his foot. In the main game, Trip is seen with multiple triggers for different traps and a trap door. It is likely these traps were provided by Eggman or Fang and that Fang forced Trip to activate them for him, as Trip struggles with activating them properly and generally doesn't seem to have much technological knowledge, leading to them all backfiring.

Dragon Form[]

Main article: Dragon Form

By using the seven Chaos Emeralds, Trip can enter a Super State, transforming her into her Dragon Form. In this state, all of Trip's abilities far surpass her normal ones. She is also able to fly, breathe streams of fire, and is invincible.


Fang the Hunter[]


Trip surprises Fang in Speed Jungle Zone, from Sonic Channel.

Initially, Trip was afraid of disobeying Fang the Hunter, as he was bossing her around and treating her badly due to her clumsiness. Fang had little-to-no care about Trip's safety, not even helping her to get out from her own trap at Lagoon City, a fact that caused Trip to cry in despair realizing that Fang was really evil. After such situation and befriending Amy and her friends, Trip gains determination to stop Fang, and after he injures her with a kick, Trip finally lost her composure and fought back the jerboa. Past this point, Fang and Trip have formed a rivalry, as seen when Fang later tries to get revenge on her for betraying him.

Amy Rose[]

Trip Cry

Amy meeting Trip, from Sonic Superstars.

At Lagoon City, Amy Rose found Trip, who was sobbing in distress at the time, who quickly becomes afraid of Amy, only to realize that Amy was trying to help her. After helping Trip on getting out from the trap, Amy and Trip built a friendship together, with Amy giving an apple to Trip, an act of kindness that causes Trip to be overjoyed. They meet up after Trip, in her Dragon Form defeats Fang and are very happy to see each other. After defeating Eggman, they escape together with the boys when they land Amy is seen hugging animals as Trip smiles as they both love taking care of the animals and after the last story, Amy and Tails smile at Sonic and Trip for defeating the Black Dragon.





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