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Stronger blue Taker.

— Description, Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia

The Tricker[1] is an enemy that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). They are a breed of supernatural beasts conjured up by Iblis.


The Tricker closely resembles Iblis Takers, but has a different color scheme. They look like phoenixes made of purple lava, crossed with some bat attributes. Rather small, they have wings resembling those of bats with a claw on their joint, and they have two ears that curve backward, similar to more faintly.


The Trickers are some of the least common enemies, only showing up in a few later Action Stages. They appear in Shadow's version of Aquatic Base, Wave Ocean and Dusty Desert, Silver's version of Aquatic Base and Flame Core, and in the End of the World.

The Trickers have multiple attack patterns. They can fire energy spheres that explode upon impact about once every second, and they can ram directly into the playable character by slowly flying towards their target (the latter leaves them temporarily paralyzed if they miss). In most stages, they only attack with the latter move and rarely use the energy spheres. Like the Iblis Takers, these enemies always appear in groups.

A Tricker can take two hits before it is destroyed, after which they will release Light Cores. Occasionally, the Trickers' command systems will be linked to each other of its kind. At the same time, should the leader of the group be destroyed, all its underlings, including the Trickers, will fall as well.[2]


Like Iblis' minions, the Trickers are completely mindless and only exist to cause destruction wherever they are.

Powers and abilities

The Trickers are slightly stronger than their corresponding cousins. Possessing greater endurance, they are capable of flight and can project purple energy balls similar to Mephiles the Dark's.






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