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The Trick Zone,[1][2] also known as the Kicker,[3] is a gimmick that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a wide ramp that can be used to reach large distances easily.


The Trick Zones appear as ramps of varying appearance. Common characteristics of theirs being rather wide, and having arrows that either point upwards or downwards along them. Some Trick Zones are curvy, while others have a completely flat surface. Some of them are also very tall, specially the curvy ones, while the flat ones are typically short and form an acute angle with the floor. These different features, however, do not affect their functionality.

In gameplay, the Trick Zones typically appear before a bottomless pit, making them necessary to use. Some, however, may be fully optional, and can be used to reach an alternate route, a Grind Rail, or an Accelerator. Either way, the Trick Zones' main use is performing Trick Actions to gain a high Rank for different purposes. The player can jump on a Trick Zone to perform a high jump that allows them to make Trick Actions and reach larger distances more easily. Should they not jump, however, they will make a much smaller jump and will not be able to perform Trick Actions.

Game appearances[]

Sonic Riders series[]

Sonic Riders[]

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity[]

Sonic Free Riders[]

Sonic Speed Simulator[]


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