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'''"Trick Sand"''' is the sixtieth episode of ''[[Sonic X]]''. In Japanese it is called '''"Shadow's Rebirth"''' (シャドウ・リバース), and in French it is '''"The Return of Shadow"''' ("Le retour de Shadow"). It first aired (in English) on 29 October 2005, and has yet to air in Japan.
The episode marks the return of [[Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic X)|Shadow the Hedgehog]], who was believed to have died in episode 38, "[[Showdown in Space]]".
The episode opens with a dream from [[Chris Thorndyke|Chris]], where he remembers the events of [[Space Colony ARK]] and the loss of [[Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic X)|Shadow]]. He is awakened by [[Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic X)|Tails]] who tells him he has just found the signal from a [[Chaos Emerald]]. Inside the [[Crimson Egg]], [[Rouge the Bat (Sonic X)|Rouge]] returns to the secret room she has just discovered and she spots a Chaos Emerald which is powering the strange capsule. She tries taking the Emerald, but she launches an alarm and at the same time, she discovers that Shadow is currently hibernating inside the capsule. She's found out by [[Doctor Eggman (Sonic X)|Doctor Eggman]]. The [[Blue Typhoon]] follows the Chaos Emerald's signal to a dark, abandoned planet. [[Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic X)|Sonic]], [[Amy Rose (Sonic X)|Amy]] and [[Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic X)|Knuckles]] search inside an old castle, while Chris and [[Cosmo]] look inside an ancient colony. Sonic's group quickly notices that the castle is a trap. In fact, it's an illusion created by a [[Metarex]]. Meanwhile, Chris and Cosmo find a video with a distressing news about the planet attacked by the Metarex. After leaving the colony, Chris tells Cosmo he was dreaming earlier about Shadow and tells her all about him, but the conversation is cut short by Tails' message about losing contact with Sonic's group. Chris and Cosmo see the castle rippling. Chris takes off in the [[Hyper Tornado]] and saves Sonic's group from the Metarex. This Metarex suddendly turn the castle into a sandtrap and almost catches Sonic, but Chris comes to the rescue. The Metarex attacks Sonic's group and Chris. Sonic tries to counter-attack, but he is not able to beat the Metarex and is electrouced. Sonic is knocked out and falls to his doom. Chris tries to save Sonic, but the Hyper Tornado is damaged by the attack. Chris ends up falling to his doom too. At the same moment, in the Crimson Egg, Shadow awakens and he teleports himself to the fight place. He easily defeats the Metarex, saves Chris and he shows his presence to everybody. He looks at Chris, who just said Shadow's name, and he disappears. Shadow comes back to the Crimson Egg with the two Chaos Emeralds and passes out in front of the shocked Dr. Eggman and Rouge.
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* [[File:Tn_080.jpg|thumb]]A "white and blue creature" from the ancient colony is similar to [[Silver the Hedgehog]].
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