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Whoa! Something's after us!
They're Triceratops! And they're very angry!

— Sonic and Shahra, Sonic and the Secret Rings

The Triceratops[1] are obstacles that appear in Sonic and the Secret Rings. It is a genus of dinosaurs that roams Dinosaur Jungle.


The Triceratops are large quadrupedal orange-brown animals with a purple trimming near the bony frills on their heads which extends down their back to their tails. They have five horns protruding from their head, two massive ones above their eyes, two smaller ones on their cheeks, and a small one between their nostrils. They also have white beaks.


Sonic running from the Triceratops.

The Triceratops are only encountered in Dinosaur Jungle where a trio of them will chase after Sonic when he reaches a certain area. Making contact with a Triceratops will damage the player.

In gameplay, Triceratops attack Sonic one by one as they chase after him, each one lunging their horns at him. However, this attack can be avoided by moving in front of the other Triceratops that are not attacking. If the player is fast enough or uses Speed Break, they can get away from these dinosaurs altogether.


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