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Treeshade (大樹の陰 Taiju no Kage?) is one of the Shops that appears in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 versions of Sonic Unleashed. It is located in Mazuri, and is owned and run by Kofi.

Prior to the events of Sonic Unleashed, Kofi was unable to sell anything from Treeshade due to Dr. Eggman's base nearby being "too creepy", which made him close Treeshade definitely. After Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip had managed to drive Eggman off following the doctor's attack on the village, Kofi felt save enough to reopen Treeshade.


In Sonic Unleashed, the player can buy items from Treeshade with Rings, such as edible items and collectible objects in the game, such as Souvenirs, Art Books and Videotapes. Art Books and Videotapes bought from Treeshade are automatically sent to the Collection Room, while other items are put away in the Inventory.

The shop becomes available after the player defeats the Egg Beetle.

List of Treeshade products

Edible items

Name Item Description Price (Rings)
Baobab Fruit Baobab Fruit.png Fruit of the baobab. The seeds yield oil, but the taste? Meh. 40
Broiled Ibagana Broiled Ibanga.png Flame-broiled meat from the fleet-footed ibanga. 60
Mellowyam Melloyam.png A staple of the Mazuri diet. Boil it, steam it, eat it up! 60
Caqueo Caqueo.png A pod whose seeds are dried and processed before use. 40
Dondora Fruit Dondora Fruit.png Fruit from the tall dondora tree with a red, sticky-sweet pulp. 30
Chili Dog Chili Dog.png Sonic's favorite, a jumbo frank slathered with spicy chili. 50
Strawberry Cake Strawberry Cake.png A slice of bliss with whipped cream and a strawberry on top. 60
Cookie Cookie.png Cream filling between two crunchy biscuits. Addictive! 20
Grapes Grapes.png A cluster of sweet, plump grapes. Don't eat the seeds! 40
Apple Apple.png One of those a day keeps the blah, blah, you know the rest. 30



Name Item Description Price (Rings)
Photo Frame SU Mazuri Photo Frame.png A standing frame containing a photo of Mazuri. 100
Miniature Flag SU Mazuri Miniature Flag.png A replica of the national flag of Mazuri. 100
Equine Carving SU Equine Carving.png A hand-carved souvenir that's also the area's most popular. 100
Earthenware Pot SU Earthenware Pot.png A handmade pot that heats up slowly for a nice, even boil (Appears after clearing Rooftop Run Night Act 1/Cool Edge Day Act 1). 150

Art Books

Name Item Description Price (Rings)
Art Book 65 Art Book.png Big Mother 100


Name Item Description Price (Rings)
Videotape 18 Video Tape.png Rescuing Amy 100

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