The Tree Crawler Boss[1] (カマドMAX[2] Kamado MAX?) is the Master Robot of Mecha Green Hill Zone in Sonic Chaos. It is a tree-hugging pill bug construct with several limbs and a tail built by Dr. Robotnik, and is the fourth boss of the game.


Tree crawler boss sprite.gif

When the player arrives to the end of Mecha Green Hill Zone Act 3, the Tree Crawler Boss is seen climbing on the palmtree, as it prepares to attack the player. The Tree Crawler Boss keeps following the direction, where the player moves, and then it opens its back gun from the white shell. It has two different projectiles, that it shoots randomly, as the first type is blue flame, that goes straight forward after being shot. The second type is shooting three projectiles, which spread slowly around.

If the Tree Crawler Boss manages to climb too high at palmtree, it will fall down at the high speed. If the player himself is under the palmtree during that time, the Tree Crawler Boss is able to crush the player easily, which is instant death even if the player has Rings at the hand during that time. The player has to keep on at the wide arena and hit there to the head of the robot, while dodging projectiles at same time. After eight hits on Master System or ten hits on Game Gear, the Tree Crawler Boss is destroyed and the player moves to the next Zone.

In the Master System, there is a small pit containing two sets of spikes below the tree. If the player falls to the pit, it can be difficult to get out there before being crushed by the Tree Crawler Boss. This is removed from the Game Gear version, as the arena is less wide due to the screen resolution.


  • The Tree Crawler Boss was originally unnamed in the Master System manual; however, in a Sonic The Comic Q Zone that covered the game, it was alternatively dubbed The Bug-On-A-Stick![3]
  • The name "Kamado MAX" is derived from the Japanese word "kamadome", meaning "do not cut the trees".




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