Traveling Salesman Wentos (旅商人ウェントス Tabishōnin Uentosu?) is one of the Shops that appears in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. It is a world-traveling door-to door shop, owned and run by Wentos and his partner Chao, which sells various goods from across the globe that Wentos has traded himself to.


In Sonic Unleashed, the player can buy items from Traveling Salesman Wentos with Rings, such as edible items and collectible objects in the game, such as Souvenirs, Art Books and Records. Art Books and Records bought from Traveling Salesman Wentos are automatically sent to the Collection Room, while other items are put away in the Inventory.

Unlike the other shops in the game, Traveling Salesman Wentos is not placed permanently in one Town Stage, but instead constantly changes location randomly between the Town Stages in the game. Also, the items that can be bought here and their prices are always changing.

To unlock this shop, the player must after defeating the Egg Beetle talk to Wentos in Mazuri, then in Holoska, then in Spagonia (talk to him twice), and finally in Shamar (talk to him twice). After that, the player can access the Traveling Salesman Wentos shop by talking to Wentos in the Town Stage he is currently located in.

List of Traveling Salesman Wentos products

Edible items

Name Image Description Price (Rings)
Aurora Oil Aurora Oil A vivid green oil that turns rainbow-colored in the light. A local specialty. 30, 60, or 120
Baobab Fruit Baobab Fruit Fruit of the baobab. The seeds yield oil, but the taste? Meh. 5, 20, or 40
Chili Dog Chili Dog Sonic's favorite, a jumbo frank slathered with spicy chili. 20, 50, or 100
Cookie Cookie Cream filling between two crunchy biscuits. Addictive! 10, 20, or 40
Fried Chicken Fried Chicken Juicy chicken fried to a nice, golden crisp. 20, 50, or 100
Fried Suncake SonicUnleashedFriedSuncake A tasty, sun shaped treat made from a range of ingredients. 20, 40, or 80
Boelk Cream Boelk Cream Preserved food made from boelk milk. The key to a long life. 30, 60, or 120
Chao Chugger Chao Chugger A drink that reboots your battered body in one gulp. 20, 50, or 100
Chirped Peas Chirp Peas Beans culled from the desert and, like paaf, a staple here. 30, 60, or 120
Chocolate Chocolate A confection that melts in your mouth. Chip's a big fan. 20, 50, or 100
Dureek Dureek The King of Fruits, which tastes, uhm...try it and see. 50, 100, or 200
Empire Coffee Empire Coffee Pricey coffee, ground fresh. A connoisseur's delight. 5, 20, or 40
Hero Sandwich Hero Sandwich A jumbo sandwich stacked with tons of toppings. Open wide! 30, 90, or 180
Pizza Pizza A thin-crust, brick-oven pie, piping hot and topped to order. 20, 50, or 100
Power Vitamin Power Vitamin A quick nutritional boost, but you still need proper meals. 30, 60, or 120
Sandwich Sandwich A sliced cucumber sandwich. Delightfully crunchy. 30, 60, or 120
Sandwich? Item sandwich 02 A sliced cucumber sandwich, but something seems... off. 30, 60, or 120



Name Image Description Price (Rings)
Hammock SU Hammock A rope hammock. 60, 130, or 260
Lace Tablecloth SU Lace Tablecloth A hand-embroidered table cover. 100, 200, or 400
Lantern SU Lantern A hanging lantern lit by the faint glow of candlelight. 60, 120, or 240
Magazine SU Magazine The hottest mag on the stand. Read up on all of Empire City's latest. 70, 150, or 300
Shamaran Sand SU Shamaran Sand The bottled sands of Shamar. Rip-off? Nonsense. 70, 140, or 280
Spagonian Glass SU Spagonian Glass Crystal ware whose resonant "clink" punctuates any toast. 70, 140, or 240
Talismanic Mask SU Talismanic Mask Local craftwork said to ward off evil. 50, 130, or 260
Whale Ornament SU Whale Ornament A miniature whale whittled from solid stone. 60, 120, or 240

Art Books

Name Image Description Price (Rings)
Art Book 55 Art Book Hot Dog Vendor 50, 100, or 200
Art Book 56 Art Book Hot Dog Vendor 50, 100, or 200
Art Book 57 Art Book Wentos 50, 100, or 200


Name Image Description Price (Rings)
Record 58 Record Result Screen - E Rank 50, 100, or 200

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