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The Transportation Belt[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a device created by Nack the Weasel that enables the user to shrink down to microscopic levels.


The Transportation Belt is a yellow belt for wearing around the waist. The design consists of three cartridges: a red one for shrinking, a green one to reverse the shrinkage, and a central console. When activated, the Transportation Belt can shrink its wearer down to a size indefinitely smaller than an atom.[2]


The Transportation Belts were created by Nack the Weasel for Grimer Wormtongue and himself to retrieve Dr. Robotnik from the sub-atomic world of Shanazar. Going to the place where Robotnik disappeared, Grimer and Nack used their Transportation Belts to shrink away before Sonic caught them. As they faded away though, Sonic grabbed Nack's backpack, which held a spare belt.[2] Using it, Sonic traveled to Shanazar, only to loose the belt after getting beaten by Fajar.[3]

Seeking to escape Shanazar, Sonic tried infiltrating the local palace to retrieve his Transportation Belt, but failed.[4] Later, due to a spell the local wizards casted on Sonic upon Robotnik's orders, Sonic would forget about the Transportation Belt, leaving him stuck running around on Shanazar until a hit to the head made him remember. As Sonic burst into the palace to retrieve his belt though, he discovered it had been incorporated into Robotnik's Dimension Blender.[1]


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