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Translate This

"Translate This" is an episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It aired on 15 November 2014.


Tails builds a translation robot that inadvertently reveals the subtext of what everyone is saying. This leads to disagreements and fighting among Sonic and friends.[1]



The story begins with Sonic, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks having a nice, relaxing day on the beach. Sonic and Amy are enjoying the sun and Knuckles and Sticks are playing volleyball. Just then, Tails arrives with a wheelbarrow carrying his "most brilliant invention yet." Tails reveals to the gang his invention "U-T" (Universal Translator), a robot designed to translate any language into their own. Tails activates U-T to demonstrate its capabilities, but when U-T translates what Knuckles says into what he thought, Tails reveals that U-T can translate whatever someone says into what they really mean, making it a form of mind reader. This causes unease among the gang as U-T continuously reveals their private thoughts and opinions when translating their dialogues. Amy convinces Tails to shut down U-T before it reveals anything too "sensitive" (just before it reveals from Amy's statement that she loves Sonic).


  • This episode was first revealed on the 2014 Sonic Boom event.[2]


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