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Translate This

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"Translate This" is the third episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 15 November 2014 in the United States and on 19 November 2014 in France.


Tails builds a translation robot that inadvertently reveals the subtext of what everyone is saying. This leads to disagreements and fighting among Sonic and friends.



Races and species:




The story begins with Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, and Sticks having a nice, relaxing day at Sonic's Shack. Sonic and Amy are lounging on beach chairs, while Knuckles and Sticks are playing volleyball. Just then, Tails arrives with his "most brilliant invention yet," which he unveils to be a robot he calls "UT" (Universal Translator), capable of translating any language into their own. To demonstrate its capabilities to his friends, Tails activates UT and it translates the language of a bird in a nearby nest. Knuckles is impressed, until UT begins saying what he says as something completely different; Tails deduces that when UT receives speech that does not require translation, it will translate it into what the speaker really means instead, making UT a mind reader of sorts. UT then begins translating the subtexts of the group's conversations, such as Amy's disinterest in UT, Knuckles' low opinion about Sticks, and Sonic's notes about Knuckles' dimwittedness, which causes tension among them. Sticks, due to her paranoia, is violently hostile towards the invention. Amy then convinces Tails to shut down UT before it reveals anything "too sensitive" (just before it reveals from Amy's statement that she loves Sonic).

At Dr. Eggman's lair, Dr. Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot are observing Team Sonic's conversation through Fly Bot. Noticing the friction UT is creating between the team members, Eggman gets an idea: if he replaces UT with a duplicate of his own, he could have it say whatever he wants with the intent to ruin their friendships with one another; once the group is divided, it would be easier for Eggman to eliminate them. Later that night, Tails is in his home, ready to sleep with UT nearby; he is saddened by his invention's poor reception, but is optimistic that UT will impress his friends tomorrow. As Tails falls asleep, Orbot and Cubot sneak into his house, steal UT, and replace it with Eggman's duplicate.

The next morning, Tails meets up with his friends at the beach again with the UT duplicate, hoping to get another chance; Sonic, however, quickly suggests for Tails to turn UT off. The robot then "translates" Sonic's comment into insults about Amy, then turns Knuckles' replies into insults at himself and Sticks, causing them all to argue. It turns out that the translations were coming from Eggman through a microphone at his lair. Alongside him are Orbot, Cubot, and the real UT, which translates his monologue into praise about the doctor; flattered, Eggman opts to listen to UT instead, and leaves his microphone. When examining the UT duplicate for flaws, Tails discovers it is a fake, exclaims this to his friends, and attempts to rally them for a rescue of the real UT. To his disappointment, the others do not follow, as they believe UT is more trouble than it is worth. Tails therefore leaves on his own.

Tails infiltrates Eggman's lair, passing its Motobug defenses, and intrudes on the doctor, still being flattered by UT's translations of his own speech. As Tails is cornered by Eggman's robots, he offers a deal with Eggman; if he lets UT go free, Tails will become the doctor's assistant. Seeing the benefits of having Tails' expertise, Eggman accepts the offer and has Orbot draw up a contract. When Eggman voices his concern that Sonic will definitely retaliate, Tails reassures the doctor by having UT record a message where he says he is staying with Eggman under his own free will. UT later returns to Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks where it delivers the message, shocking them all; UT then translates the subtext of Tails' message into a call for help, prompting Sonic and the others to save him.

While Tails and Eggman are working in the lair's lab, Sonic and the others attack the outer defenses with UT, destroying the robotic sentries. Eggman arrives at the battle with Tails, where he insists Tails is staying with him since they had a contract. However, Orbot just arrives with the contract, unsigned, so Tails leaves to rejoin his friends. Eggman therefore calls forth the Mega, a robot that proves impervious to Team Sonic's attacks. However, when the Mega deploys its photon bombs, Sticks and Knuckles manage to knock one back at the robot, blowing it into the sea; irritated at yet another defeat, Eggman retreats back into his lair. Tails thanks his friends for the rescue, but they admit that UT deserves most of the credit, and they intend to have it assist them from now on. However, UT reveals that Sticks plans to destroy it, and she follows through with this by hurling it off a cliff, informing an angry Tails that it "had to be done."



  • When Eggman and Tails are talking, Eggman's mustache shrinks for a few seconds.
  • During Team Sonic's attack on Eggman's lair, Amy's eyelashes disappear for a split second before she hits the Crab Bot.
  • Back on Eggman's monitor, When Sticks was fighting Knuckles, it shows Sticks' hand inside of Knuckles' chest for a split second.
  • When a Photon Bomb lands next to Tails, his right glove can be seen blended into UT's left eye for a split second.

Regional differences

  • In Brazil, the scene where Sticks jumps onto Knuckles' head and attacks was shortened.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 翻译风波 Translation Turmoil
Finnish Hyvä kääntäjä Nice translator
French Traduis-moi! Translate This!
German Übersetz mich Translate me
Hebrew תרגם את זה Translate This
Hungarian A tolmácsrobot The Interpreter Robot
Italian Problemi di traduzione Translation issues
Japanese 本音をしゃべるロボット A Robot who Says what You Really Feel
Korean 마음도 통역이 되나요? Can your mind be translated, too?
Persian ترجمه اش کن Translate it
Polish Przetłumacz to Translate this
Portuguese (Brazil) Traduza Isto Translate This
Portuguese (Portugal) Traduz Lá Isto
Romanian Tradu asta I translate that
Russian Трудности перевода Translation difficulties
Spanish (Latin America) Traduce esto Translate This
Spanish (Spain)
Turkish Çevirmen Robot Translator Robot
Ukrainian Спробуй переклади це Try translating it



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