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This object exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
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The Trans-seismic Marco Accelerator[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is a device created by Miles "Tails" Prower.


The Trans-seismic Marco Accelerator consists primarily of an orange-framed computer screen with a brown grip on the bottom. On its left side it has a black cellphone with orange buttons attached, and on top of it, it has a small golden parabola and loudspeaker attached, the latter of which has blue and red wires connecting it to the device. Also, on its right side, it has two pins.


TV series

Season two

While Tails was working on a new invention in his workshop using a hammer, the Trans-seismic Marco Accelerator got knocked down from its shelf. With the device now broken, Tails sent D-Fekt out to buy some new parts for it so he could repair it.[1]



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