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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Trail of the Missing Tails

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This is the transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Trail of the Missing Tails".

[The episode begins in the Warp of Confusion, an alternate dimension populated by flying fish, several of which fly across the screen.]

Doctor Warpnik [heard offscreen]: Five years. [inhales] It has been five long years since my crack-shell cousin, Robotnik, banished me here, to the Warp of Confusion!

[The screen transitions to a view of a silhouette of Dr. Warpnik sitting at his control panel. A telescope appears from it.]

Warpnik: [laughs evilly] But I shall have my revenge!

[The telescope projects a portal onto a mountain.]

Warpnik [heard offscreen]: [laughs evilly] All I need now...

[A view of Sonic spinning across some hills appears in the portal.]

Warpnik [heard offscreen]: [laughs evilly] Is the bait!

[In the next scene, a chili dog can be seen resting on a plate on a table with a red and white checkered tablecloth.]

Coconuts [heard offscreen]: Oh yeah! Oh yeah! When that Hedgehog shows, it's showtime!

[Coconuts jumps onto a cannon mounted with six legs. He is holding a wrench in both his hands, and is trying to screw a nut onto the leftmost front leg.]

Coconuts: Yeah... yeah... yeah!

[Coconuts falls off the leg.]

Coconuts: Whoa! Oof! [yells]

[The cannon falls on Coconuts.]

Coconuts: Get it off of me!

[Coconuts tosses the cannon aside. Grounder rolls past him, carrying a safe in both his arms.]

Grounder: Hahahaha! What's the matter, Coconuts? Pressure gettin' to ya?

[Grounder puts the safe in the last of four catapults. Of the other three, the first has a dresser, the second has an anvil, and the third has a rowboat filled with fish. Meanwhile, Scratch is pushing back the claw of his trap, the Sonic Snatcher.]

Scratch: Bwahaha! Why bother? Once I get my Sonic Snatcher locked and loaded, it'll be hedgehog harvest time!

[Scratch pushes the claw into the Sonic Snatcher, but it grabs him. He struggles to get out, to no avail.]

Scratch: [yells] Ugh! Ugh! Whoa whoa! Whoa whoa! Aaaagh!

[Scratch walks and crashes into a boulder. Meanwhile, as Grounder is talking to Scratch, he doesn't know the safe is teetering over the edge of the fourth catapult.]

Grounder: Don't bet on it, beak-face! Dr. Robotnik's counting on me to bring that high-speed hedgehog a crushing defeat!

[The safe falls on Grounder's right tread.]

Grounder: Ow! Oucharoonies! Ow oh oh oh oh!

[Grounder pulls out his right read with both his hands. The other end of it resembles a sore foot with three toes, which Grounder now blows on. Coconuts runs up to him and puts his left hand over his mouth. In the distance, Sonic can be heard running.]

Coconuts: Shhh! Don't go to pieces on us now!

[Coconuts runs a few feet further, then cups his right hand to his right ear.]

Coconuts: Listen!

[Scratch and Grounder run up to Coconuts. Scratch cups his right hand to his right ear, and Grounder cups his right drill to his right ear. In the distance, Sonic runs down the road, then screeches to a halt when he reaches the top of the hill. He then taps his left foot.]

Sonic: Oh, yeah! When speed's of the essence, I'm the essence of speed!

[Sonic jumps into the air and pulls the Sun down with his left hand. He then gives a toothy grin, and signals the Sun (which now has a face) with his left thumb. As the Sun rises back up, Tails lands behind Sonic, who turns to face him.]

Tails: What'd we stop for, Sonic?

[Sonic sniffs.]

Sonic: Ahhh. That. Can't you smell it? A succulent sausage... [sniff] ...smothered in sauce... [sniff] ...anointed with onions and garnished with grated cheese! Ahhh.

[As Sonic talks to Tails, Tails rubs his stomach with both his hands. He then chomps at Sonic, who runs out of the way just in time. Tails then scratches his head with his left index finger.]

Tails: A chili dog? Out here?
Sonic: Not just a chili dog, Tails. A Robotnik chili dog. [sniff] Mmmm. He's improved his chili. I've just gotta get that recipe!

[Sonic and Tails both place their left hands over their eyes. Tails flies, then uses his left index finger to point to the table with the chili dog on it. He gasps.]

Tails [heard offscreen]: It has to be a trap!
Sonic: Well, of course it's a trap, Tails. That's half the fun! I like my chili dogs well-spiced with danger!
Tails: Yeah! Let's do it, Sonic!

[Sonic turns around and stares in shock at Tails. Tails tries to fly away, but Sonic grabs him by the back of his torso with his right hand.]

Tails: Ugh!

[Sonic pulls Tails back and holds him up by the top of his head.]

Sonic: Hang on a micro-second, micro-buddy!

[Sonic sets Tails down.]

Sonic: This is a solo flight. You stay here!

[Sonic runs in place.]

Tails: Aw, Sonic!

[Sonic runs away.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: I'll save you half a dog!

[Sonic runs towards the table. At the table, Grounder is trying to position the plate the chili dog is on just right.]

Grounder: Hmmm.

[Grounder scratches his head with his left index finger, then turns the plate back to its original position.]

Grounder: Hmmm.

[Grounder scratches his head with his right index finger. Before he can turn the plate again, Scratch hits him on the head with an axe, which he is holding with both his hands.]

Scratch: He's coming!
Grounder [in a muffled voice]: Ugh
Coconuts: Get ready!

[Scratch and Coconuts run away.]

Grounder [In a muffled voice]: Get ready.

[Grounder grumbles unintelligibly, then rolls into a boulder and falls over. Sonic spins down the road and stops near the table.]

Sonic [in an unconvincing tone]: Why look! A chili dog! All alone, out here in the middle of nowhere! How incredibly fortunate, because I'm so hungry!

[Coconuts, who is now standing atop his cannon, looks through its telescope and focuses the crosshair on Sonic.]

Grounder [whispering]: He's fallin' for it!

[Grounder pushes the safe securely onto the fourth catapult.]

Scratch: Just stay there one more second, hedgehog, and you'll be my ticket to a rich reawrd from Dr. Robotnik!

[Scratch turns around and stares in shock, with his eyes popping out of his head.]

Scratch: [screams]

[Sonic is now standing next to the Sonic Snatcher, holding the chili dog in his right hand.]

Sonic: Oh, I wouldn't count on that!

[Sonic presses a button labelled, FIRE on the control panel of the Sonic Snatcher with his left index finger. The claw springs out as Sonic grabs a lever on the control panel with his left hand. He also takes a bite out of the chili dog.]

Scratch: No!

[The claw grabs Scratch. Sonic pulls on the lever with his left hand.]

Scratch: Aaaah-ha-ha! Whoa-ho-ho-ho!

[The claw grabs Grounder.]

Grounder: Ow! Ow! Ow!

[Sonic, who is no longer holding the chili dog, pulls the lever with his right hand. Coconuts turns around, and stares in shock, with his eyes popping out of his head.]

Coconuts: Whoa!

[The claw pulls all three robots back.]

Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts: Whoa-ho-ho!

[The claw sets down all three robots, who now all have stars spinning around their heads.]

Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts: Ugh!

[All four catapults go off.]

Grounder: [screams]

[Scratch picks up Coconuts with both his hands. The dresser lands on them. Grounder appears in and opens the bottom drawer. Scratch appears in and opens the drawer above it.]

Grounder: Ugh!

[Coconuts appears in and opens the drawer above Scratch's.]

Scratch: Oof!

[All three robots look up.]

Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts: Yaaa!

[The anvil falls on the drawer, destroying it and flattening all three robots. The rowboat falls on them, breaking into pieces and covering all three robots in fish. All three robots peer out. Scratch has a fish on his head, Grounder has a fish in his mouth, and Coconuts is holding a fish in his right hand. The safe then falls on them. Scratch and Coconuts then open the safe with their left hands. Coconuts' cannon then targets and fires at them, creating a huge explosion, complete with the word, BOOM. There is a huge dust cloud, and fish from the rowboat flies everywhere. Tails stares in shock, then runs toward the hill.]

Tails: Sonic! Sonic! [coughing] Sonic, where are you?

[The dust cloud clears, and Tails falls into the massive hole made from the explosion.]

Tails [heard offscreen]: [screams]

[Tails rolls down the wall of the crater, and lands on his bottom. He holds his head with his left hand.]

Tails: Oooh! I didn't get the chili dog, but I sure got the roll!

[A huge shadow casts over Tails, who then gasps. Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts walk up to Tails, and Scratch reaches out with both his hands. Meanwhile, Sonic is walking back up the hill with his eyes closed, holding a fish from Grounder's rowboat in his left hand.]

Sonic: So, how was the show, little bro? Hope you had a good seat. Even saved you half the refreshments!

[Sonic pulls out the chili dog, which he is now holding in his left hand. He opens his eyes, and notices Tails is no longer on the hill.]

Sonic: Tails? Tails? Where are you?

[Sonic looks around, then pulls on the hill with his right hand to look underneath. He then lets go.]

Tails [heard offscreen]: Help! Sonic!
Sonic: That's Tails!

[Sonic tosses the chili dog aside, then runs in place.]

Sonic: Up, over, and gone!

[Sonic runs down the road, towards the scene of the disaster. Meanwhile, Coconuts is holding a rope in both his hands, which he tosses onto Tails.]

Coconuts: Hold him! Hold him! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! Sonic's little tag-along! Ha ha! We got him! Ha!

[Coconuts begins tying Tails up.]

Tails: Let me go, you losers!
Grounder: Wrap him up tight!
Scratch: A present for our glorious leader! Dr. Robotnik will be so proud of me!

[As Scratch is talking, Coconuts laughs evilly.]

Grounder: Of you? Hey, I'm the one who caught the little creep first!
Coconuts: Hey hey hey hey! Who's tying him up, here, huh? Huh?

[It is then revealed that Coconuts accidentally tied him, Scratch, and Grounder, as well as Tails, with the rope.]

Tails: You slow-mos are gonna be sorry!
Sonic [heard offscreen]: That's not quite right, Tails.

[Tails looks up and sees Sonic has come to save him.]

Sonic: Those slow-mos are already sorry. What they're about to be is pathetic!
Grounder: Oh, yeah! That's what you think, you puny blue pincushion!

[Scratch pulls his left arm out of the rope, which he grabs with it.]

Scratch: Yeah, don't come any closer!

[Scratch pulls the rope, as well as Tails, towards him.]

Scratch: Don't come any closer! We got your shrimpy sidekick here!
Sonic: Who said anything about coming closer? You lead-bottoms smell bad enough from here!

[Coconuts points at Sonic with his right index finger.]

Coconuts: Then what are you gonna do? Huh? Huh?
Sonic: Just gonna take you windbags for a little whirl.

[Sonic spins in place.]

Sonic: Up, over, and gone!

[Sonic spins around the fish surrounding Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts, sending them and the three robots into the air.]

Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!
Grounder: Whoa!

[Tails, who is now airborne, spins his tails to fly.]

Tails: Yay! I'm free! Great job, Sonic!

[Sonic runs up to a drain plug.]

Sonic: Time to pull the plug on these drain-brains!

[Sonic pulls the drain plug, and Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts float down into it.

Scratch: Yeow-how-how-how-how!
Grounder: Yeow-how!

[The fish falls on Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts, then the safe falls on them. The door opens, revealing Coconuts to have stars in his eyes, and Scratch to have stars spinning around his head. All three robots fall over.]

Sonic: Didn't I tell you to wait back there?
Tails: Yeah, but...
Sonic: But you didn't do it!
Tails: Sorry, Sonic.
Sonic: Hey, just keep it in mind next time, all right? You're important to me. Come on, let's get out of here!

[Sonic walks away, with Tails following behind him. As they walk away, the door to the safe falls off. Unknown to them, Warpnik is spying on them from a portal.]

Warpnik [heard offscreen]: So... Robotnik wants the hedgehog, eh? Then so do I! And I think I know just how to reel him in!

[The next morning, Sonic and Tails have set up sleeping bags near a campfire. Sonic yawns and streches.]

Sonic: Oh, what a great day, eh, little bro? What do you say you and me go make this day rotten for Robotnik? Sound like a plan? Tails? You awake?

[Sonic pulls the cover off Tails' sleeping bag, only to find out Tails isn't there.]

Sonic: Huh? Tails? Tails? Tails!

[Back at Dr. Robotnik's fortress, Dr. Robotnik is scolding Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts for failing to catch Sonic.]

Dr. Robotnik [heard offscreen]: Three separate traps, and none of them worked?
Scratch: Well, not exactly, your steamed egginess.
Coconuts: They worked just fine, uh, yeah!

[Robotnik walks up to Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts furiously.]

Grounder [heard offscreen]: Just, not on Sonic.
Scratch and Grounder [heard offscreen]: It was his fault!

[Scratch points to Grounder with his left index finger, and Grounder points to Scratch with his right drill.]

Coconuts [heard offscreen]: Yeah, their fault!

[Coconuts points to Scratch with his right index finger and Grounder with his left index finger.]

Robotnik: Shut up! All of you! You're all incompetent!

[Robotnik plugs his nose with his right thumb and index finger.]

Robotnik [in a nasal voice]: And you stink of fish! [in his normal voice] I haven't seen such lunacy since I banned my crazy cousin, Warpnik, to the Warp of Confusion! No more excuses! I want that heinous hedgehog hammered, and I mean now!

[Sonic runs up the hill to Robotnik's fortress. Robotnik walks up to the window of his gold statue, which is located in the belly button.]

Robotnik: What in Mobius is that? [screams] Battle stations, you simpletons! It's that sickening little high-speed hedgehog!

[As Robotnik talks, Sonic runs down the road, narrowly avoiding a giant fly swatter and a giant Monopoly-esque boot. Grounder is near a giant control panel and pulls a lever with his right hand.]

Grounder: Main weapons power bank activated!

[Grounder turns his right hand back into his drill. Meanwhile, Scratch is standing under the Egg Blaster and pulls a lever with both his hands.]

Scratch: Egg Blaster ready to fire!

[Meanwhile, Coconuts is in another control panel, turning knobs with both his hands. Sonic can be seen in the two monitors behind him.]

Coconuts: Laser cannons ready to cook! Yeah, hedgehog hamburger time! Ha ha!

[In Robotnik's fortress, Sonic can be seen on the giant monitor in front of Robotnik.]

Robotnik: On my command, fire! Ready, aim...

[A crosshair appears over Sonic, who then pulls on a wire, shutting the monitor off.]

Robotnik: What?!

[Robotnik looks out the window.]

Robotnik: Oh, hold your fire!

[Sonic is holding a giant electrical cord in both his hands, and has unplugged it from a boulder with an electrical socket.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: My dear Sonic, if I'd known you were coming, I'd have poisoned a cake!

[Sonic tosses the electrical cord aside.]

Sonic: Never mind the cheesy jokes, Robumnik! What have you done with Tails?
Robotnik: Tails?

[Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts are now behind him.]

Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts: Tails?

[Robotnik turns to face Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts.]

Robotnik: Quickly! You fools! Sneak down and grab him! I'll keep him occupied.

[Robotnik turns to face Sonic.]

Robotnik: To be truthful, you horrible hedgehog, I have no idea where your feckless friend is!

[Robotnik leans against the window.]

Sonic: And why should I believe you?

[Robotnik is now standing on the windowsill by his shoulders.]

Robotnik: Use your spiky head! If I'd have captured your companion, I'd be torturing him right now!
Sonic: But if you didn't take him, where'd he go?

[Robotnik is now hanging out of the window by the windowsill with both his knees.]

Robotnik: Perhaps he left of his own accord. Did you two have a... falling out recently?
Sonic: Oh, yeah. Well, yeah, maybe, I guess, but...

[Unknown to Sonic, Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts sneak up behind him.]

Sonic: I never, I mean, I didn't mean to...
Scratch: Ugh!

[Sonic runs out of the way just in time as Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts all pounce at him. They start unknowingly beating each other up.]

Sonic: Oh, where are you, Tails? If you've run away because of me, I'll never forgive myself! I gotta find him, and fast!

[Sonic runs away. Robotnik walks up to the window and looks out it.]

Robotnik: So, invade my very fortress? I'll show you! Badniks!

[Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts all run up to Robotnik.]

Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts: Yes, your evil excellence.
Robotnik: This could be the chance I've been waiting for! While that hedgehog hunts for his help mate, we shall be hunting the hedgehog! He'll be too distracted to look out for us, and when he least expects it... wham!
Coconuts: Yeah, yeah, yeah! Hoo hoo hoo! Sonic soufflé!
Robotnik: Exactly! I'll be rid of that hedgehog forever!

[Robotnik laughs evilly.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: Tails! Oh, Tails! Where are you?

[Sonic walks away, and the screen fades to black. In the next scene, Sonic is shown searching for Tails with a magnifying glass.]

Sonic: He couldn't just vanish! There must be some clue, I-!

[Sonic, who is holding the magnifying glass in his left hand, walks up to a plant. He pulls it out with his right hand and looks underneath, then tosses it aside. He then looks in a hole near it, then a bush, until he finally comes to a clue.]

Sonic: Aha! My foxy friend made tracks this-a-way!

[Sonic follows the trail of footprints. Unknown to him, Robotnik, Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts are all spying on him from behind a mountain.]

Robotnik: Ah, there he goes!

[Robotnik, Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts emerge from behind the mountain, revealing they are all in the Egg-O-Matic Hovercraft, which Robotnik is driving.]

Scratch: Where's he going?
Coconuts: Hey!
Robotnik: Who cares where he's going? The point is, he's distracted! Off his guard! Easy to capture!

[As Robotnik talks to Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts, the three robots all push each other.]

Robotnik: Even with you three.

[Robotnik kicks Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts out of the Egg-O-Matic.]

Coconuts: [screams]
Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho-ho!
Robotnik: Now get that hedgehog! And don't fail me this time!

[Meanwhile, Sonic, who is now holding the magnifying glass in his right hand, continues to follow the trail of footprints.]

Sonic: He came this way, and there was a struggle! Poor Tails!

[Sonic runs away, narrowly avoiding having Grounder fall on him. Grounder falls through the ground, leaving a Grounder-shaped hole in it.]

Grounder: Ugh!

[Coconuts falls into the ground, creating a Coconuts-shaped hole in the Grounder-shaped hole.]

Coconuts: Ow!

[Scratch falls into the ground, creating a Scratch-shaped hole into the Grounder and Coconuts-shaped hole.]

Scratch: Yipe!

[Coconuts rises from the hole and shakes his head. Scratch and Grounder then rise from the hole as Coconuts looks at Sonic in the distance. Unknown to them, Coconuts' head is on Grounder's body, Scratch's head is on Coconuts' body, and Grounder's head is on Scratch's body.]

Coconuts: He didn't even notice!
Scratch and Grounder: No!
Coconuts: Yes! Dr. Robotnik was right! Sonic's off his guard! Easy to capture!
Scratch and Grounder: Yeah!

[Scratch pushes Coconuts' head on Grounder's body back with Coconuts' right hand.]

Scratch: Of course he's right, Monkey-bot! He's our leader! So let's go!

[Scratch's head on Coconuts' body jumps out of the hole, then Coconut's head on Grounder's body and Grounder's head on Scratch's body both jump out of the hole. All three robots realize their heads are on each other's bodies. Coconut's body tosses Scratch's head with its right hand, and Scratch's head lands back on Scratch's body, knocking Grounder's head off it and making it land on Grounder's body, which then knocks Coconuts' head off Grounder's body and back onto Coconuts' body.]

Scratch: Huh!
Grounder: Ugh!
Coconuts: Ow!
Scratch: Come on!

[Scratch runs towards Sonic, and Grounder and Coconuts follow behind him. Sonic continues following the trail of footprints.]

Sonic: I'm getting warmer!

[Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts hide behind a bush and peer out from it to spy on Sonic.]

Scratch: He's getting warmer, all right, and we're about to make things hot for him!

[Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts follow Sonic.]

Coconuts: Yeah! Yeah! Hoo hoo hoo hoo! Let's go cook that turkey!

[Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts run into a wall and fall over.]

Scratch: [screams]
Grounder: Oh!

[Sonic, who is now holding the magnifying glass in his left hand, is now inside the Warp of Confusion, and he walks down its path. He passes by a sign that says, DO NOT LITTER in red letters.]

Sonic: Man! Now this is one totally twisted tunnel!

[Sonic sniffs]

Sonic: Phew! But there's something fishy about it! Whoa! And no wonder!

[Sonic sees the various fish flying across the Warp of Confusion in front of him. He is now standing under a doorway that resembles a uvula, and there is a set of giant jaws above and below it.]

Sonic: This looks like a nightmare I had once after scarfing out on bad seafood.

[Sonic tries to climb down, but the jaws close. Sonic then falls to the ground.]

Sonic: Oof!
Warpnik [heard offscreen]: Welcome to the Warp of Confusion, my prickly pal!

[Sonic turns his head around. He sees Tails tied to a pillar, which is standing next to a control panel. Tails struggles to get his arms free, and when they are free, he shrugs with them. Warpnik emerges from behind the control panel.]

Warpnik: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! We've been expecting you!

[Sonic stares as Warpnik laughs maniacally. Back outside the Warp of Confusion, Robotnik is berating Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts for having lost Sonic.]

Robotnik: How could you idiots have lost him already?!
Scratch: We don't know.
Grounder: When we came in, the hedgehog was gone.
Scratch and Grounder: It's his fault!

[Scratch points to Grounder with his right index finger, and Grounder points to Scratch with his right drill. Robotnik puts his right hand over his head, and smoke emits from his ears.]

Robotnik: Grrrrr!

[Coconuts leans his right hand over a carboard rock formation. Him and it both fall over.]

Coconuts: Doi!

[A strange source of light and sound emits from behind the cardboard rock formation. Coconuts gets back up to alert Robotnik.]

Coconuts: Your supremeness! Over here! Look! Look!

[Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all walk up to Coconuts' spot.]

Scratch: What is it, Dr. Robotnik?

[The source of the strange lights and sounds is revealed to be a trash can that says, PUSH on the lid.]

Robotnik: It's a dimensional tunnel!

[Robotnik picks up the trash can with both his hands and places it over his head.]

Robotnik [in a voice muffled by the trash can]: And if I'm not mistaken, which I never am...

[Something chomps from within the trash can.]

Robotnik [in a voice muffled by the trash can]: Oh!

[Robotnik pulls the trash can off his head, revealing a piranha to have chomped his nose.]

Robotnik [in a nasal voice]: My crazy cousin, Dr. Warpnik is behind this!

[Robotnik puts his left thumb into his mouth and blows, inflating the pirahna. Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts back up as the Piranha flies off Robotnik's nose. The flying piranha is also used as a transition to the next scene, where Warpnik continues laughing wickedly, with his floating hairpiece forming the word, HEE.]

Warpnik: Yes! It was I who lured your fuzzy-tailed friend into a trap!

[Warpnik pulls down a projection screen with his right hand. A number appears on the screen, counting down from 11 to 3.]

Warpnik: All part of my plan to escape, you see!

[Warpnik walks away. His hairpiece forms a left hand, which uses its index finger to signal him. Warpnik grabs his hairpiece with his left hand and pulls it back. A black and white film of Robotnik carrying Warpnik to the entrace of the Warp of Confusion is shown.]

Warpnik [heard offscreen]: My own dear cousin, Robotnik, banished me here years ago!

[In the film, Robotnik kicks Warpnik through the entrance to the Warp of Confusion. Many fish then fly out. As the film continues, Warpnik cries hysterically.]

Warpnik: He said I was a looney!

[Warpnik continues crying. His hairpiece then spins.]

Warpnik: Me? Can you imagine?

[Warpnik laughs hysterically. He then grabs a fish with his left hand and pulls it in.]

Warpnik: Besides, he didn't like all my sweet little fishy-wishies!

[Warpnik's hairpiece forms into the shape of a heart. It then lands on him as he kisses the fish repeatedly.]

Warpnik: Fishy-wishy!

[Sonic is now sitting in a movie theater-style chair, holding a bag of popcorn in his right hand. As he talks to Warpnik, he grabs some popcorn with his left hand and puts it in his mouth.]

Sonic: Oh, get on with it, will you? I still gotta scorch your scales and rescue Tails!

[Warpnik looks back at Sonic angrily.]

Warpnik: Quiet!

[Warpnik, who is still holding the fish in his left hand, puts it in his left ear. The fish swims inside him.]

Warpnik: Ooh-hoo! Hoo!

[Warpnik's hairpiece spins rapidly. When it stops spinning, Warpnik is now holding the fish in his left hand again, and he points to Sonic with the same hand.]

Warpnik: You're not going anywhere! You're my prisoner! And when my cousin, Robotnik follows you in here, I'll...
Robotnik [heard offscreen]: You'll what?!

[Warpnik squeezes the fish with his right hand, and Warpnik stares in shock, with his hairpiece forming an exclamation point. Robotnik, Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts are all standing outside the entrance to the Warp of Confusion.]

Robotnik: I thought I was rid of you, you fish-fondling fruitcake!

[As Robotnik tries to climb down, the jaws close. Robotnik then punches through the jaws, destroying them, and landing in the Warp of Confusion. Warpnik runs up to him, still holding the fish in his left hand.]

Robotnik: [screams]
Warpnik: No! It is I who will be rid of you, you egg-sucking eccentric!

[Warpnik hits Robotnik on the head with the fish.]

Robotnik: Ow!
Warpnik: Touché!

[The fish Warpnik is holding reaches behind himself with his left fin and pulls out a football helmet, which he puts on his head. A bigger fish flies past Robotnik, who reaches for it with both his hands. He grabs it by its tail fin with both his hands and hits Warpnik on the head with it.]

Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts [heard offscreen]: Fish fight! Fish fight! Fish fight! Fish fight!
Scratch: Wow! I guess Dr. Robotnik made us more like him than I thought!

[Scratch puts his left arm over Grounder and his right arm over Coconuts, and picks them up. Meanwhile, Sonic runs up to the pillar that Tails is tied to.]

Sonic: Hey, Tails! I missed you!

[Sonic runs around the rope, breaking it and setting Tails free. Tails lands in Sonic's arms.]

Sonic: Ugh!
Tails: Sonic! You're the greatest!

[Sonic hugs Tails, then sets him down.]

Sonic: Glad you're okay, keed! I was worried you'd run off!
Tails: I'd never do that, Sonic! You're my best friend!

[Sonic puts his left arm over Tails' back.]

Sonic: And you're mine. Let's never forget it!

[As Robotnik and Warpnik continue hitting each other with fish, stars spin around Warpnik's head. Robotnik is about to hit Warpnik again, when Grounder rolls in between them.]

Grounder: Look, your excellence! They're escaping!

[Robotnik looks up and sees Sonic, having tied one end of the rope to Tails' body, tying the other end to his.]

Robotnik: What? No! Get them!

[Some fish fly past Robotnik, Warpnik, Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts. The three robots then run away.]

Warpnik: Hey! Those are my prisoners!

[A big, pink flies flies up to Warpnik. Warpnik then jumps on her back, and she flies away.]

Warpnik: Whoa!

[Warpnik's hairpiece, which was left behind, spins wildly, then walks after the big pink fish with Warpnik on her back.]

Sonic: Follow my trails, Tails!
Tails: Yeah, sizzle em', Sonic!

Sonic: Let's speed, keed! [Sonic runs away, and Tails flies behind him. Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts continue running through the Warp of Confusion. They then jump into the air.]

Scratch: Hang on!
Coconuts: I got him! No, I got him! I got him!
Grounder: I got him!
Scratch: I...

[Sonic spins through Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts, turning them into bowling pins. Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts then fall, but only Coconuts lands standing up.]

Coconuts [wearily]: Nope, nope, nope! he got us!

[Coconuts falls over.]

Coconuts [wearily]: Ugh.

[Warpnik is now at his control panel, pulling a lever up and down with his left hand.]

Warpnik: No hedgehog will escape the warped will of Warpnik!

[Warpnik reaches for a button with his right hand. A cannon moves upward, and Warpnik presses a button labelled, FIRE with his right index finger. The cannon fires, and the cannonball from it turns a pair of jaws Sonic and Tails run up to into a monster.]

Sonic: [screams]

[Sonic runs away just in time to avoid the monster's jaws chomping him.]

Sonic: Ugh!

[Warpnik is at his control panel, laughing wickedly as he presses various buttons, causing the cannons to fire. The cannonballs turn everyting around Sonic and Tails into monsters, that start chasing them. Sonic runs to the edge of a cliff, where some fish are floating. Sonic walks across the fish like platforms, until he reaches another cliff, then continues running.]

Tails: Yeow! I'll never eat seafood again!

[Some fish jump at Tails, but miss. Sonic then runs past a pillar, which one of Warpnik's cannonballs turns into a giant eel.]

Sonic: This is turning into one heck of a fish story!

[Several piranhas are now flying behind Tails, chomping.]

Tails: Yeah, but I sure wish we weren't the bait!

[Warpnik pulls a lever with his left hand, and Robotnik runs up to him and pulls him away with his left hand. He then grabs him by the collar with his right hand.]

Robotnik: You're doing it wrong, you worthless wimp! Let me!
Warpnik: It's my machine!

[Warpnik is now holding the small purple fish in his left hand, and he hits Robotnik on the head with it.]

Robotnik: D'oh!

[Robotnik body slams Warpnik away.]

Warpnik: Oof!

[Robotnik walks up to the control panel, and Warpnik walks up to it as well.]

Warpnik: No! It's mine!

[Robotnik repeatedly presses the button labelled, FIRE with both his index fingers. Warpnik swipes them away repeatedly. The cannons fire everywhere, creating a huge cloud of dust. When the dust clears, the cannons are all tied together. The cannons try to fire again, but explode, creating another huge cloud of dust. Sonic is running in front of the dust cloud, with Tails following behind him.]

Tails: We have to get out of here!
Sonic: I'm trying, but this is like being trapped in a pinball machine!

[Several giant fish follow behind Sonic and Tails. Meanwhile, Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts are hiding behind a fallen pillar. Scratch rises up.]

Scratch: Oh ho ho, I think Dr. Robotnik has everything under control here.

[Grounder rises up.]

Grounder: Uh, yeah! Uh, what's say we, uh, just go home?

[Coconuts rises up.]

Coconuts: Yeah. Yeah, yeah!

[An explosion occurs in the distance. A giant monster appears.]

Coconuts: Like now!

[Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts run away.]

Scratch: Ow-how-how-how-how!
Grounder: [yells]

[The cannon fires three cannonballs, one hitting Scratch, one hitting Grounder, and one hitting Coconuts. The cannonballs turn them all into giant monsters. Scratch resembles a dragon, Grounder resembles a Transformer, and Coconuts resembles a neanderthal.]

Scratch: On the other hand...
Grounder: Yeah! Dr. Robotnik's pretty mean to us sometimes!

[Coconuts smashes a pillar with his left hand.]

Coconuts: Yeah! Yeah! Let's go teach him some manners!
Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts: Yeah!

[Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts all walk towards Robotnik, who is once again hitting Warpnik with the big fish. Many other fish are floating above them and watching the fish fight.]

Warpnik: Whoa!

[Warpnik hits Robotnik with the small purple fish.]

Robotnik: [screams]

[Robotnik hits Warpnik with the big fish.]

Warpnik: Whoa!

[As Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts get closer, the fish fly away. Robotnik stares in shock at the mutated Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts.]

Robotnik: Oh! [screams] What? No! Get back! I, Robotnik, command you!
Grounder: Sorry, Doc,
Scratch: But you've had this coming a long time!
Coconuts: Yeah! Yeah!

[Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts all raise their right fists.]

Robotnik and Warpnik: Whoa! [both scream]

[Robotnik and Warpnik both run in circles, then run away as Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts smash the control panel with their right fists, destroying it. Sparks fly everywhere, and the cannons fire out of control. There is a huge amount of fire and explosions behind Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts, who realize they may have gone too far with their stunt.]

Coconuts: Uh-oh!
Scratch: I think we laid an egg!

[A pillar falls on Scratch. Sonic and Tails are hiding behind another pillar.]

Tails: Sonic, the whole place is going supernova or something!
Sonic: No kidding, kid! We gotta bail, Tails!
Tails: But how are we gonna get out?

[Tails points to Robotnik, Warpnik, Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts with his left index finger.]

Tails: Those creepazoids are in the way!
Sonic: Only one way, José! My fabulous triple-spin rolling thunder bowling ball!

[Sonic becomes muscular, then jumps into the air. When he is airborne, he is back to normal and snaps his right thumb and index finger.]

Sonic: Hang tight, little buddy, cause we're going for a strike!

[Sonic spins, pulling Tails along.]

Tails: Ugh!

[Back at the destroyed control panel, Robotnik and Warpnik are still both hitting each other with fish.]

Robotnik: You and your wacko warp weapons! No wonder I banished you! How could things possibly be worse?

[Warpnik stops hitting Robotnik, then stares in shock.]

Warpnik: I'll tell you how, you crack-shelled crockpot! Look!

[Sonic spins towards Robotnik and Warpnik.]

Robotnik and Warpnik: [both scream]

[Sonic spins past Robotnik and Warpnik, destroying the rest of the control panel and creating an explosion that creates a huge cloud of dust. Sonic spins out the entrance to the Warp of Confusion, pulling Tails along, then spins out of the trash can, which is now jumping wildly. When Sonic is out, he catches Tails in his arms.]

Sonic: Ta-da!

[Sonic sets Tails down.]

Tails: You did it, Sonic! You saved me!

[Tails hugs Sonic.]

Tails: Buddies forever, right, Sonic?

[Tails picks Sonic up by his shoulders as the trash can jumps towards them. Sonic then shakes Tails' right hand with his right hand.]

Sonic: You got that right! Buddies forever!

[The trash can explodes, destroying the portal between Mobius and the Warp of Confusion and creating a huge dust cloud. The dust soon clears, and Sonic and Tails look at the spot where the trash can exploded.]

Sonic: It's good to know Doc Botnik and his Fish-faced Cousin are gonna be stuck with each other for a while.

[Sonic and Tails laugh.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: And speaking of buddies...

[Back at the Warp of Confusion, Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts, who are still giant monsters, are sitting in movie theater-style seats, and Grounder is holding a bag of popcorn in his left hand.]

Scratch: Now this is my kind of entertainments!

[Scratch grabs some popcorn with his left hand, and Grounder grabs some with his right.]

Coconuts: Yeah! Yeah!

[Coconuts takes the bag of popcorn from Grounder with his right hand. He puts grabs some popcorn with his left hand and puts it in his mouth as Robotnik and Warpnik continue hitting each other with fish. Once again, Robotnik has the big fish, and Warpnik is holding the small purple fish in his right hand.]

Robotnik: Oh!
Warpnik: Whoa!
Robotnik: [screams]
Warpnik: [screams]
Robotnik: Oh!
Warpnik: Whoa!

[The screen irises out on Robotnik and Warpnik, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Tails is tiptoeing through a forest.]

Tails: Uh-oh! I think I'm lost!

[A tree branch falls behind Tails.]

Tails: Yeow!

[Tails runs away.]

Tails: I gotta find a phone fast!

[Tails runs into a phone booth and picks up the receiver with his right hand.]

Tails: Operator? I want to call home. Uh, the number? Uh...

[Sonic runs up to Tails and whispers in his left ear. Sonic then runs away]

Tails: Got it! Thanks, Sonic! Okay, that's area code...
Sonic [to the viewers]: You can't call home unless you know your area code and phone number by heart. Memorize it now, don't wait until it's too late!