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Quotation1 Dodge waves of traffic and pass every Checkpoint in time! Quotation2
— In-game description

Traffic Challenge is one of the game modes featured in the World Tour mode of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.



Shadow during a Traffic Challenge.

The Traffic Challenge serves as another checkpoint race, where the player must race through checkpoints in order to gain time. However, exclusive to this event, the player must dodge and refrain from crashing into waves of traffic, with three different types of obstacles under a time limit.

Types of traffic

  • *The names given below are conjectural.
Image Type Strategy
Greenmobile Green cars* Move in a straight line and scattered around the track.
Yellowmobile Yellow cars* Only a few in the track and constantly move sideways to strike the player.
Policemobile Police cars About only one in every checkpoint and follow and block players way, slowing them down.

Types of checkpoints

Image Type Strategy
CHECK Checkpoint A line guarded by two green cars to earn a checkpoint and gain an additional 11 seconds of time.
TIMERcheck Time bonus* A smaller line guarded by two green cars and only gain the player an additional 4 seconds of time.


Medal Difficulty Event
Cclass Easy 10 easy waves: Less traffic, only green cars.
Bclass Medium 12 medium waves: More traffic, green and yellow cars.
Aclass Hard 15 hard waves: More traffic, green, yellow and police cars.
Sclass Expert 15 expert waves: More traffic, green, yellow and police cars.


Sunshine Coast


Frozen Valley

  • Tricky Traffic

Scorching Skies

  • Keil's Carnage

Twilight Engine


Moonlight Park

  • Traffic Attack

Superstar Showdown

  • Mara-car Madness

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