Quotation1 Avoid traffic for as long as possible. Drive through gates to earn extra time and points. Quotation2
— Description, Team Sonic Racing manual

Traffic Attack[1] is one of the types of Events available in Team Sonic Racing. It appears exclusively in Team Adventure.



Sonic competing in a Traffic Attack Event.

In Traffic Attack, the player competes as a single playable character on the race track without any teammates to race with or rivals to race against. Here, the player's goal is to race down the race track and pass through as many red laser gates as possible while avoiding obstacles along the track within a certain time limit. This time limit is indicated by the timer and gauge at the top of the screen that appears during the Traffic Attack Event. As the timer decreases, the gauge will deplete. When the time is about to run out, the gauge will turn from turquoise to orange, and then red. Should the gauge empty completely, the player will run out of time and the Event will end.

The laser gates the player has to pass through are each generated by a pair of robot drones that drive side-by-side down the track. Whenever the player passes through one of these laser gates, the player will be awarded with points and a couple of extra second will be added to their limit for the Event. Along the race track however, are additional robot drones that the player can collide with. Colliding with any them will make the player spin out and slow down temporarily. The robot drones the player will encounter during his event are as follows.

  • Gate robot drones
  • Blue robot drone
  • Yellow robot drone
  • Red robot drone
  • Gate robot drones: Blue robot drones with clocks on their screens. These robot drones always appear in pair and drive down the race track side-by-side in perfect synchronization. Each of them is connected by a red laser, forming the red laser gate the player has to pass through in order to earn points and extra time. Colliding with any of these robot drones will destroy their laser gate and keep the player from passing through it.
  • Blue robot drones: Blue robot drones with open eyes on their screen. These robot drones drive down race track, albeit not as fast as the player. However, they never move left or right.
  • Yellow robot drones: Yellow robot drones with open eyes on their screen. These robot drones drive down race track, albeit not as fast as the player. They also move left and right.
  • 'Red robot drones': Red robot drones with hostile eyes on their screen. These robot drones drive down race track, only to start heading slowly towards the player upon spotting him. However, the player can easily avoid them.

The Traffic Attack Events feature point milestones that indicate how well the player has performed. By collecting enough points from passing through red laser gates, the player will be rewarded with a specific type of medal after the Event. The more points the player gathers, the better the medal they will receive. The fourth-highest medal the player can receive is bronze, the third-highest is silver, the second-highest is gold, and the highest is platinum.

To complete a Traffic Attack Event, the player has to either run out of time or earn a platinum medal.

Traffic Attacks in Team Adventure

Chapter 2: Time To Race

Stage Track
Stage 2-7 Whale Lagoon

Chapter 3: Guess Who's Back!?

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Stage 3-9 Pinball Highway

Chapter 6: The Kidnapping

Stage Track
Stage 6-10 Haunted Castle


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