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The Trading Cards[1] are collectibles that appear in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. They are special cards whose pieces are scattered around the levels in the game. Collecting a Trading Card's pieces and reassembling it unlocks extra Bot Racing contents.


In general, Trading Cards are colorful cards depicting different characters. In gameplay though, their pieces are blue squares with two rugged edges and a piece of Sonic's face on them.



A Trading Card in a Challenge Room.

In Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, there are a total of six Trading Cards, each split into six pieces (giving a total of thirty-six card pieces) which are hidden within the majority of the game's levels. Each Challenge Room and Hovercraft section holds one Trading Card each (they are obtained from the latter upon completing the level), while Sea Fox sections can hold up to two Trading Cards each. When contained in item capsules resembling golden bubbles, the Trading Cards can be collected by opening said capsules. These capsules break when touched and can be targeted with the Homing Attack.


Trading Card pieces to be assembled via the touchscreen.

For every sixth Trading Card piece obtained and brought to Knuckles in Tails' Workshop,[1] a Trading Card will be unlocked in the workshop. There, it can be assembled on the Nintendo 3DS's touchscreen. Once assembled, the player unlocks an new Rival Race track on Thunder Island for the Bot Racing mode. The Trading Cards are unlocked in a set order and must be assembled in that order before one can unlock the next one.

List of Trading Cards

No. Image Name Rival Race track
1 TradingCard1 Sonic Trading Card Dusty Roadway
2 TradingCard2 Amy Trading Card Speed Demon
3 TradingCard3 Tails Trading Card Baren Dirt Track
4 TradingCard4 Knuckles Trading Card Robotic Raceway
5 TradingCard5 Sticks Trading Card Metallic Clash
6 TradingCard6 D-Fekt Trading Card Sandhill Rush



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