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Toys are objects that appear in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. They are a set of several figurines that can be collected over the course of the game.


Toys are different types of miniature figurines which the player can collect during the gameplay of Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. Each toy depicts a different subject, such as characters, items and other miscellaneous objects. These toys have descriptions that either provide some information on the subject in question or just serve as a in-game joke. There are a total of 61 toys available for collection in the game.

The player can collect toys by trading them for Tokens in any of Q-N-C's Toy Shops. For each Token traded, the player receives one toy. They are obtained in the order from 1 to 60 with regular Tokens, except for the 61st which is obtained by trading in the unique purple Token that is earned from reassembling the Lost Crystal of Power.

List of toys

No. Image Name Description
1 SonicBoomLogo Sonic Boom Logo You're Stronger with friends!
2 SegaLogo SEGA® Logo "Say-gaa!!
3 SanzaruLogo Sanzaru Logo Sanzaru means "three monkeys."
4 Blunt Force Profile Blunt Force Charging with full force he'll knock you into next week.
5 Buzz Saw Profile Buzz Saw He'll cut you in twowith his blades of steel.
6 Scuttle Profile Scuttle A menacing, persistent charger that will haunt you.
7 Mor-Tar Profile Mor-Tar This tri-ped will stop at nothing to try hit you with his tar-balls.
8 Wrecks Profile Wrecks Armed with a homing rocket and a bonus egg bomb.
9 Rocko Profile Rocko Dual guns aim to bring down any and all targets.
10 Shocker Profile Shocker This speedy flier is as pesky as a mosquito, but much bigger.
11 Zipper Profile Zipper The heavy of the skies, he'll try to crash land into you over and over.
12 Armorillo Armorillo Innovative programming allows him to look in two directions at once. With one eye.
13 Stinger Profile Stinger This deadly floater is programmed for destruction.
14 Cliff Hanger Profile Cliff Hanger He climbs on any surface to get his death ray in the perfect position to strike.
15 Scrawl Profile Scrawl Is he upside down on the ceiling? Or right side up? Either way, he'll take you down.
16 Slynko Profile Slynko Slynko charges straight into our hearts. Literally.
17 Spintrap Profile Spintrap Spintrap's jaws inflict pain and punishment on unsuspecting targets.
18 Zapo Profile Zapo Zapo the jumper has an electric personality.
19 Driller Worm SC Driller Worm Lyric's dastardly mining creation swallows up dirt and anything else that gets in it's way.
20 LyricToy Lyric Imprisoned for 5,000 years, he ages surprisingly well, but holds grudges even better.
21 ShadowToy Shadow the Hedgehog Sonic's arch-rival, he is also Sonic's match in speed, abilities, and dashing looks.
22 MetalSonicToy Metal Sonic Dr. Eggman's trusty robotic mimic of Sonic, dispatched for evil purposes of course.
23 DrEggmanToy Dr. Eggman The man behind the mustache behind the nose. A really big nose.
24 Ring Toy Ring The classic gold ring. Collecting these, not stamps, is what it's all about.
25 Blueprint toy Blueprint Collect Blueprints to earn exciting permanent upgrades.
26 BOOMerang Shattered crystal Boomerang Sticks' weapon of choice. Well, second choice, after her paranoia.
27 Crystal Shard Crystal Shard Collect them all for... what, you thought we'd tell you?
28 Sea Fox Profile v3 The Sea Fox Tails' trusty mini-RC submarine, it navigates the trenches where no one else can reach.
29 Enerbeam Toy The Enerbeam This technology from the past sure comes in handy here in the future.
30 SonictheHedgehogToy Sonic the Hedgehog Our fearless hedgehog hero. 50% brave, 50% cheeky, 100% speed equals 200% adventurous.
31 TailsToy Miles "Tails" Prower Brains and a can-do attitude make Tails the best sidekick in the business.
32 KnucklestheEchidnaToy Knuckles the Echidna Pride of the echidnas, Knuckles brings brains and muscle to the group. Well, maybe just the muscle.
33 StickstheBadgerToy Sticks the Badger Off-kilter, obtuse, mental, and just plain nutty are all ways to describe Sticks. Just not to her face.
34 AmyRoseToy Amy Rose Amy, dear Amy, o wherefore art thou Amy?
35 Q-N-CToy Q-N-C Mister know-it-all. But our Mister know-it-all.
36 RuneToy Rune This means something very, very important... to the Ancients.
37 AmysHammerToy Amy's Hammer Amy's trusty hammer. Can you see how sad it is to be away from it's owner?
38 MindControlDeviceToy Mind Control Device Ah, so this is how Lyric gets people to help him out. Huh, not his charming personality?
39 AVAToy AVA The Ancients Visual Assistant, a communication device that, with Tails' help, just may lead to Amy.
40 AmysBFFNecklaceToy Amy's BFF Necklace Amy's half of the BFF heart. Awwww.
41 SticksBFFNecklace Sticks' BFF Necklace Sticks' half of the BFF heart. Very... unique.
42 EvilLadybugOverlordToy Evil Ladybug Overlord It's just like you imagined, isn't it?
43 SnakeskinBootsToy Snakeskin Boots The finest footwear for kicking ro-butts. And snake butts.
44 ARo-buttToy A Ro-butt A robot's butt. Get it?
45 TeamworkPosterToy Teamwork Poster It says... "share defeat" Inspiring!
46 ShadowsShadowToy Shadow's Shadow What does it mean if a hedgehog sees its own shadow?
47 KnucklesTrophyToy Knuckles' Trophy From a grammar competition. It says, "For Who, Whom, Whomever, or Womsover Is Most Likely To Fail."
48 SticksBiograhpyToy Sticks' Biography "Two Eyes In Teamwork," the unauthorized look inside the mind of Sticks. Comes with a tinfoil hat kit!
49 KnucklesBiograhpyToy Knuckles' Biography "Don't Call Me Smashles," a riveting account of one echidna's struggles as a misunderstood genius.
50 LyricsDirtyLaundryToy Lyric's Dirty Laundry Lyric needs to being some laundry robots from the past to wash some of these stinky clothes.
51 SonicBiographyToy Sonic's Biography "Faster-Than-You Is My Middle Name", the tell-all blockbuster hit from everyone's favorite blue hedgehog.
52 TinfoilHatToy Tinfoil Hat Well, what else is going to protect you from the mental waves of the evil ladybug overlords?
53 AncientsBarfBag Ancients' Barf Bag Standard equipment for Ancient aircrafts.
54 SnakeTacoToy Snake Taco Mmm, delicious. Don't forget the egg salsa!
55 AthleticTapeToy Athletic Tape The Jumbo sized roll. You can't ever have too much of this stuff.
56 ProteinShakeToy Protein Shake The secret to bulking up. Grape flavored with notes of tacos, specially formulated for echidnas.
57 TailsBiographyToy Tails' Biography "Freak To Geek: An Extra Tail to Tell"
58 SamysSelfieToy Amy's "Selfie" Good thing she likes to documenting her life. Where is she?
59 MustacheGroomingKitToy Mustache Grooming Kit Hmm, who does this belong to?
60 AwardyAwardToy Awardy Award Nothing says you've made it more than this. Except maybe the Prizy Prize.
61 OurHeroesToy Our Heroes! Congratulations! You've learned the true meaning of teamwork.
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