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For its 16-bit equivalent, see Toxic Caves.

Sonic Spinball (8-bit)
Toxic Pools

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Blast your way through chambers oozing with nasty green slime. Take a ride on a geyser accelerator. Shoot through tubes to the upper tables. Smash into mechanical worm bumpers. Way cool!

— Description, Sonic Spinball (8-bit) US manual.[1]

Toxic Pools is the first level of Sonic Spinball (8-bit). It is the lowest point of the Veg-O Fortress, where the waste is thrown. As with other levels in the game, Sonic must bounce through a pinball-like level. Three Chaos Emeralds must be found to progress.


Toxic Pools is a disgusting, slimy dungeon. The level encompasses the half-submerged caves at the foot of Veg-O Fortress's mountain. In keeping with Dr. Robotnik's general ethos regarding environmentalism, the doctor is using the caves as a dumping ground for kilotons of radioactive slurry produced by the Veg-O Fortress' cruel industry. Rusted sewer pipes snake through rocks dripping with fluorescent purple pollution.


After falling out of the sky outside the Veg-O Fortress's volcanic mountain, Sonic the Hedgehog made his way into the Toxic Pools. There, he managed to get the area's three Chaos Emeralds, thereby destabilizing the volcanic activity in the mountain. Afterward, he defeated the Toxic Pools Boss before advancing to Lava Powerhouse.




Main article: Toxic Pools Boss

The boss of Toxic Pools is the Toxic Pools Boss, a robot head that hovers around a zone with obstacles. It will fire red projectiles to impide the player's progress. The player just has to hit its head enough times to destroy it.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Toxic Pools Paul Gadbois 1:57




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