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A typical Arthurian townsperson

The Townspeople, also known as Villagers or Followers, are a race of inhabitants in the world of Camelot and the standard native inhabitants of King Arthur's kingdom that appear in Sonic and the Black Knight. Their primary residence is their capital, which is Camelot Castle in the Grand Kingdom, but they can also be found across the kingdom's surrounding lands, such as the Highlands and the Outlands, where the have settlements such as pastoral farmlands located around the Deep Woods and migrating villagers in Titanic Plain in moving wooden forts (pulled by what seem to be giant green trolls).


The townspeople of King Arthur's kingdom are a race of humanoid creatures resembling a cross between dwarves and elfins. They have long pointy ears, dark eyes, and they usully have pale, yellowish skin. In terms of height, the townspeople are rather short of stature, with the average member of the townspeople not being more than a little taller than 3'3". They usually wear full-body cloaks and have facial tattoos.

While not strictly resembling humans, members of their race such as Merlina the Wizard can bear a closer resemblance to humans, standing taller with more human-like body proportions and similar eyes, with only their long ears being their distinguishing trait.

Characteristics and Culture

The townspeople mostly live a lifestyle similar to that of real-life people in the medieval ages. Just like humans, however, most of them just want to get on with their lives despite the craziness around them, as they do not like to concern themselves with trivial matters.

Abilities and Traits

While not strictly speaking human, the townspeople possess not special abilities or strengths unique to them. However, the townspeople have a unique way of breathing, as they breathe in Carbon Dioxide instead of Oxygen, similar to trees.[1]

Role in the Game

Many of Sonic's quests and missions in Sonic and the Black Knight often involves Sonic aiding the townspeople in some way. While the Townspeople will continue their lives throughout the adventure, they will only interact with Sonic through "Acts of Chivalry" (negotiation is done through a series of buttons you must press when displayed on the screen, only if you have 20 rings, but you get what is often a rare treasure from them) or need his help. It is considered dishonorable to attack the Townspeople thus earning the name "Despised One" in the treasury. When enemies appear they will flee but can still be harmed if Sonic is not careful when attacking.





  • The developers of Sonic and the Black Knight designed the townspeople to embody the spirit of the forest.
  • The townspeople are favored food of dragons, as they have been seen captured in Crystal Cave, where they are to be served as dinner for the dragon.


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