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Town Mission 9: Protect the Barrels in the Warehouse District! is the ninth Town Mission in Silver's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The mission takes place at the warehouse district in Soleanna New City, Soleanna. Badniks are trespassing in Soleanna New City's warehouse and are endeavoring to detonate the red barrels. These barrels are extremely volatile and will decimate the warehouse district if they are broken. Roberta, a member of the warehouse's staff, asks Silver to destroy all of the robots before they are able to set off a deadly explosion.


The player's task is to use psychokinesis to catch the robots' missiles and fire them back in order to defeat them. If these missiles touch the red barrels, the mission instantly ends. The barrels are completely immobile, so a good tactic is to stand in front of them so that Silver's body can impede a missile if the player fails to catch it. Directly attacking the robots is a bad idea, as this buys them time to shoot for the barrels. There are three rounds in total. The first two rounds each consist of three Egg Stingers which are easy to take care of. The third round, which consists of four Egg Stingers and an Egg Guardian, is more challenging; the player should fire the projectiles at the Guardian before focusing on the Stingers. Speed is of the essence in this mission, since the enemies immediately land and begin to fire after each round. The Town Mission will be cleared when every robot has been destroyed.


  • After the completion of this Town Mission, a pigeon named Hatsun makes his only appearance in the warehouse.


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