Town Mission 8: Protect the Professor's Car is the eighth Town Mission in Shadow's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The mission takes place on the highway in New City, Soleanna. A man named Nicolo has noticed Puccini, a notable professor who is the main authority on Soleanna culture, rushing down the highway in his car, but the road has been taken over by Iblis and Mephiles monsters and is also barred by laser gates. According to Nicolo, Soleanna is highly dependent on Puccini's life, so Shadow's task is to clear the road of monsters and allow the professor to drive to safety.


There is a time limit of five minutes to complete this Town Mission, but this shouldn't be much of an issue, as the mission will automatically fail if Puccini's car is destroyed by the monsters or lasers. In order to deactivate a laser gate, every creature in front of it must be defeated. When the mission begins, the player must take down the Iblis Biters straight ahead, then proceed towards an Iblis Worm flanked by a group of Iblis Takers. Here, only the Worm should be defeated, as the Takers will spontaneously die if their leader is killed. The same applies to the Golem fronted by Biters that come afterwards. The player should continue down the highway and destroy the three Takers, then use the Rainbow Rings to dash forward and decimate the Gazers encircled by more Trickers. They need to defeat the Stalker up ahead, followed by another Worm with Takers, before taking out another Golem with Biters. The player can finish the mission by killing a Titan with Stalkers before waiting until the car reaches the finish line. The Town Mission will be cleared when every enemy has been defeated and Puccini reaches the end within the time limit.

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