Town Mission 8: Protect the Gate to the Castle Town is the eighth Town Mission in Silver's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The mission takes place in Forest, Soleanna. A furious horde of Badniks are prepared to tear down the gate to Castle Town and rain destruction upon Soleanna. Lord Regis, the city's governor, asks Silver to vanquish the robots and drive the danger away from the town, promising to hand over the pass to Dusty Desert if he succeeds.

This Town Mission must be completed in order to access Dusty Desert.


The player has a time limit of five minutes to defeat all the enemies near the Castle Town gate. When the mission begins, the player should take out the nearest enemies by using Psychokinesis to stun, levitate and launch them away. Dispersed around the battle area are various crates, rocks and iron balls that can be levitated and hurled at the robots. This technique is strongly recommended in later stages of the battle. The red explosive crates, which deal the most damage, should ideally be conserved until the final wave, as the crates are very effective against large groups. The Town Mission will be cleared when all the robots have been destroyed within the time limit.


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