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Town Mission 7: Motorcycle License Test is the seventh Town Mission in Shadow's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The mission takes place in Soleanna New City, Soleanna. Solomon, a man from the Soleanna Transportation Ministry, who organizes motorcycle license exams, assigns Shadow a test of his driving skills. He must complete a series of timed challenges using an armed motorcycle in order to prove that he is qualified for a license.


There is a total of five tests, with a time limit of three minutes to complete each one.

  1. In the first test, the player must drive through the streets of Soleanna New City while following the arrows, and reach the Goal Ring at the end of the course. There are many explosive crates along the way that must be avoided.
  2. In the second test, the player must drive along and use the motorcycle's built-in guns to destroy five Wooden Containers scattered around the city. It is helpful to use the radar to find the crates.
  3. In the third test, the player must guide the motorcycle along a course of cone gateways. It is recommended to drive slowly, as a great degree of precision is required to get through the cones, although it is possible to get away with knocking cones down in the process.
  4. In the fourth test, the player must collect five bronze Medals dispersed around the warehouse area. Using the radar to locate the medals is advised.
  5. In the fifth and final test, the player must find the Goal Ring hidden somewhere in the city. There are no arrows to follow this time, but there are several obstacles to steer around (including explosive crates).

If any of these tests are not completed in under three minutes, or if the motorcycle is destroyed, the player must restart from the first test. The Town Mission will be cleared when all five tests have been cleared within the time limit.


  • A glitch can be performed in this Town Mission where it is possible to play each test without riding the motorcycle at all to begin with. To perform this, the player must press and hold Start and XboxX.png/Square while in the loading screen. When the pause menu is displayed, the player may let go of the XboxX.png/Square and then unpause as normal. If done properly, Shadow will perform a Spin Kick but will not ride the motorcycle, allowing Shadow to clear each test on foot.



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