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Town Mission 5: Who is the Captain? is the fifth Town Mission in Sonic's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The mission takes place in Soleanna Castle Town, Soleanna. Pietro, the captain of the Soleanna Royal Guards, claims that he is only a lieutenant, preventing Sonic from entering Soleanna New City on the grounds that he is not permitted to let him through the gate. Pietro gives Sonic the challenge of guessing which of the guards is the captain (warning that two guards may attempt to trick him) before the gate to Soleanna New City can be opened.

This Town Mission must be completed in order to progress to Soleanna New City.


This is one of the simplest Town Missions in the game. The player may speak to the other four guards for clues, but this is mostly a waste of time, as none of them are very helpful:

  • Fabio says the captain is Guido (which is wrong).
  • Guido says the player has already spoken to the captain, regardless of who the player has spoken to.
  • Giorgio says that Alessio is correct.
  • Alessio says the captain is in front of the fountain.

From these clues, Pietro is logically the only possible answer. All the player has to do is speak to Pietro twice more. He will reveal that he was tricking Sonic all along - he is the real captain. The Town Mission will be cleared and the player is now allowed to visit Soleanna New City.

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