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Town Mission 5: Protect the Coastline! is the fifth Town Mission in Silver's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). It takes place in Castle Town, Soleanna.


After the devastating invasion by Dr. Eggman and his kidnapping of Princess Elise, the town is just getting back on its feet. However, Badniks have returned to wreak havoc on Soleanna once more. A soldier from the Soleanna Royal Guards has noticed an army of them advancing towards the coastline, fearing that the chaos experienced at the Festival of the Sun will be repeated. The guard urges Silver to destroy these robots before they reach Castle Town.


There is a time limit of four minutes to complete this Town Mission. This mission is quite difficult; the player basically has to destroy all the enemies within this time, but there is a drawback: they all hover above the water far offshore where Silver's psychokinesis cannot reach them. The only way to defeat them is to levitate and fling objects at them, such as crates, oil drums, and the robots' own projectiles. The first group's bullets cannot be picked up, so objects are required, but when dealing with later groups, the player can catch the enemies' missiles and shoot them back at them. The mission gets harder as it progresses due to the groups being larger, but it is usually easier to attack the robots with missiles rather than with objects. The Town Mission will be cleared when every enemy has been destroyed within the time limit.


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