Town Mission 4: The Airplane Tournament is the fourth Town Mission in Silver's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The mission takes place in Castle Town, Soleanna. The ghost of a pilot named Renzo, who was killed in a traffic accident, never managed to attend the airplane tournament he was hoping to partake in and win. With his plane, he would have been capable of success. Tormented by this, he has forced himself to stay in one place on a building in Castle Town for eternity, until his dream of winning the tournament comes true. In order to bring peace to his soul, Renzo pleads Silver to beat the high score (twenty rings) by going through all the rings in Castle Town before time runs out.


There is a time limit of two minutes and thirty seconds to complete this Town Mission. Once again, this is the type of mission that requires the player to run, jump and levitate through all of the orange rings in the town. Additionally, the player must collect all of the item boxes to restore Silver's Action Gauge. Not only do they allow the player to levitate for longer distances, but they also cause rings to appear further on. The mission is therefore not completable if the item boxes are ignored. Proficiency at levitating is advised, as there are a few rings toward the end that are quite hard to aim for. Apart from that, this is a simple task. The Town Mission will be cleared when every ring has been passed through and every item box has been broken within the time limit.


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