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Town Mission 4: Request from the Rimlight Employee is the fourth Town Mission in Shadow's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The mission takes place in the Forest, Soleanna. Elkan, an employee of the Rimlight Corporation, has been researching light energy and hopes to collect more Light Cores from the Iblis and Mephiles creatures in the forest, as they would provide a great benefit to his company's research. He gives Shadow the task of defeating these monsters and retrieving their Light Cores.


There is a time limit of one minute and thirty seconds to complete this Town Mission. When the mission begins, the player must run forward and take down the Iblis Biters on the bridge, then continue into the forest and defeat the Iblis Worms and Biters in front of the tree. Once these have been dispatched, the player should head to the right of this tree and deal with the Stalkers (they may be a bit difficult to reach) and Gazers. Finally, the player can finish the mission by destroying the nearby Iblis Takers and Golems. The Town Mission will be cleared when every enemy has been defeated within the time limit.

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