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Town Mission 3: The Stolen Bronze Medals is the third Town Mission in Silver's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The mission takes place in Castle Town, Soleanna. A boy named Mikhail has had his prized Bronze Medal collection misplaced by his mischievous pet cat. The adroit feline has hidden the Medals atop buildings and towers, meaning that the boy is unable to retrieve them himself, and he becomes anxious about his mother scolding him for losing them. Mikhail tells Silver to search the town and find all ten Bronze Medals for him.


The goal of this Town Mission is to simply collect all ten Bronze Medals. Navigation around Castle Town is facilitated by the use of Springs and levitation to travel between buildings. This mission is relatively easy, although it may not always be clear where the Medals are, since they are not marked on the radar. Fortunately, the way forward is usually signified by Rings, which often lead to the next Bronze Medal, so it is helpful to look out for nearby groups of Rings. To make things even easier, there is no time limit to finish the mission, allowing for a lot of leeway. The Town Mission will be cleared when all of the medals have been gathered.


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