Town Mission 3: Emergency Order: Capture the Thieves' Cars! is the third Town Mission in Shadow's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The mission takes place along the highway in New City, Soleanna. A gang of five thieves have stolen a valuable source of fuel from Rimlight, a company which focuses on the energy from Light Cores, and are escaping along the highway in black cars. A Rimlight employee named Zof has contacted a G.U.N. soldier, who orders Shadow to chase down the thieves' cars in an armed G.U.N. vehicle and destroy it with missiles in order to reclaim the energy before the thieves get away.


There is a time limit of five minutes to complete this Town Mission. The player must drive an armed buggy down the highway and destroy five black cars along the way. The cars can be damaged using the vehicle's missile launchers or simply by crashing into them. The cars are quite fast, so it is recommended to use the boost in order to catch up to them. The Town Mission will be cleared when all five cars have been destroyed within the time limit.

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