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Town Mission 1: Soleanna's Apple Festival is the first Town Mission in Silver's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The mission takes place in the Forest. A man named Paganini was trying to lift some barrels filled with apples and take them to Soleanna's seasonal apple festival. However, the cumbersome nature of this task caused him to knock the barrels over and scatter the apples everywhere. Paganini has little time to get to the festival, so he asks Silver to assist him by levitating as many apples as possible back into their barrels within five minutes.


There is a total of five minutes to complete this Town Mission. The objective of this mission is to use psychokinesis to put at least fifty apples into the barrels before the time runs out. The most efficient way to go about this challenge is to collect the apples in clusters, stand a few steps away from the barrels, position each cluster over the barrels (jump to get them high enough) and drop them in. The player can then collect more bunches and repeat the process, and even try again with apples that missed the barrels. While there are more than enough apples available, there is still a finite amount and it is possible to destroy them, so caution is advised. The Town Mission will be cleared when fifty or more apples have been placed in the barrels when the five minutes are up or after Silver falls off the map.


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