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Town Mission 19: The Test of Courage is the nineteenth Town Mission in Sonic's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The mission takes place in the Forest of Soleanna, and is the second of the three precursory trials which Sonic must pass in order to access Kingdom Valley, following The Test of Intelligence and preceding The Test of Love. Having conquered his first trial, a priest gives Sonic a test of his courage, which involves destroying all the Badniks with no available Rings to protect him.


This Town Mission is quite challenging; with no rings available whatsoever, it is essentially sudden death for the player. The robots are usually scattered, so the radar is useful in finding them and keeping out of their range. There is one group of enemies on a tree that can only be reached by using a spring. It is advisable to move fast, making it harder for the robots to aim, and use the Yellow Gem and Red Gem to avoid attacks. The final enemy should be an Egg Walker, which should be defeated quickly as it is the most dangerous enemy. The Town Mission will be cleared when all robots have been destroyed successfully.

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