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Town Mission 17: The Test of Memory is the seventeenth Town Mission in Silver's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The mission takes place in Soleanna Forest, and is the second of three precursory trials which Silver must pass in order to access Kingdom Valley, following The Test of Friendship and preceding The Test of Heart. Having conquered his first trial, a priest gives Silver a test of his memory. This requires him to state the correct words that spring to mind when particular phrases are declared.


There are three questions. For each question, the priest gives the player a set of words and phrases from the past, and there is a choice of two answers. Each answer corresponds to a portal (left and right), and the player must enter the correct portal each time. The key to this Town Mission is to think back to previous events in the game's story and remember what took place. If the answers are too ambiguous, trial and error may be required; there is a 50/50 chance of getting each question right the first time.

  1. The first set of phrases is "future", "inferno", and "ruined city". The left portal is "escape" and the right portal is "mission". The correct answer is "mission", so the player should go through the right portal.
  2. The second set of phrases is "Flames of Disaster", "seal", and "ten years ago". The left portal is "Blaze" and the right portal is "Princess Elise". The correct answer is "Princess Elise", so the player must go through the right portal.
  3. The final word is "blue hedgehog". The left portal is "teamwork" and the right portal is "hatred". The correct answer is "teamwork", so the player should go through the left portal.

If the player already knows the answers, it is faster to just enter the correct portals without ever speaking to the priest. The Town Mission will be cleared when the player goes through all of the correct portals.

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