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Town Mission 16: The Test of Friendship is the sixteenth Town Mission in Silver's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The mission takes place in Forest of Soleanna, and is the first of three precursory trials which Silver must pass in order to access Kingdom Valley, preceding The Test of Memory and The Test of Heart. Sonic has completed his three trials and headed to the castle in pursuit of Dr. Eggman. The Bishop tells Silver that he too must conquer his own trials if he wishes to go after Eggman as well. He sends Silver to the forest, where a priest presents him with a friendship test. The hedgehog must determine how much he values his friends by destroying all of the Iblis and Mephiles creatures and rescuing an imprisoned Blaze the Cat before time runs out.


There is a time limit of five minutes to complete this Town Mission. In the center of the arena is a small cell in which Blaze is trapped. In order to free her, the player must defeat all the monsters. There are several waves to endure, and each wave is tougher than the last. Many crates, including explosive and electric ones, are stacked around the area, and it is almost a necessity to use psychokinesis to levitate and launch them at the monsters. The spiky red balls carried by the Iblis Takers can also be used against them. Directly attacking the creatures works just as well, but is slightly more risky. When every enemy has been defeated, the cage automatically opens, and the Town Mission is cleared when the player stands next to Blaze within the time limit.

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