Town Mission 16: Take the Lady-in-Waiting to Town! is the sixteenth Town Mission in Sonic's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The mission takes place in the Forest of Soleanna. Sophia, a lady-in-waiting and attendant of Princess Elise, has been attacked by Badniks while traveling through the forest, supposedly in an attempt to obtain certain knowledge from her. She kindly asks Sonic to escort her out of the forest and take her to Castle Town, safe from harm.


When the mission begins, enemies will spawn and head towards Sophia. The player must quickly defeat these enemies and proceed through the forest as progressively stronger groups of enemies appear. It is recommended to stay ahead of Sophia while dealing with the robots, especially in the expansive area before the bridge, so that she takes as little damage as possible. However, robots may often spawn behind the player close to Sophia, so caution is advised. After finishing the enemies in the wide open area, the player must head for the bridge to Castle Town. They should stand close to Sophia, keeping an eye on her health, and take down the robots on the bridge and in front of the gate. As soon as Sophia reaches the Castle Town gate intact, the Town Mission will be cleared.

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