Town Mission 13: Lost Company Property is the thirteenth Town Mission in Silver's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The mission takes place at the warehouse district in New City, Soleanna. Alan, the head of the Transportation Division of the Rimlight corporation, has noticed some of the cargo they were transporting mysteriously disappearing. Nobody at Rimlight knows how to tackle the issue, but rumor has it that a monster is stealing their goods. Alan thinks this is too unrealistic to be true, yet he is still wary of the presence of an abnormal creature within the vicinity. The employee asks Silver to investigate the warehouse district, which turns out to be infested with Iblis and Mephiles monsters, and Silver has to defeat them all.


This Town Mission may take a few minutes; while there is no time limit, the mission requires the player to scour the warehouse district and kill every last Iblis and Mephiles creature. The difficulty lies not in destroying the enemies, but mainly in finding them. Most of them appear in the alleys between the warehouse buildings and near the silos and machinery, although some can be found in odd places. As soon as the enemies show themselves, the player should take them down immediately. It is helpful to use the radar to find nearby monsters. The player will have to travel back and forth, as certain groups do not appear until other enemies have been located and killed. Overall, however, the task should not be too challenging. The Town Mission will be cleared when every enemy has been defeated.

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