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Town Mission 12: Lord Regis' Daughter, Sabrina is the twelfth Town Mission in Shadow's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The mission takes place in Soleanna Castle Town, Soleanna. A G.U.N. soldier informs Shadow that Dr. Eggman has set his sights on Lord Regis, Soleanna's governor, and that he may be after his daughter Sabrina as well. The soldier asks Shadow to act as Sabrina's bodyguard, fulfilling her requests and sheltering her from the danger of Eggman's robots.


This Town Mission is divided into three parts:

  1. In the first part of the mission, Sabrina orders the player to find her dad's key and bring it back to her. There is a time limit of five minutes to do so. The key is located under the bell tower in Soleanna Castle Town, which can be reached by turning right across the bridge, going forward across another bridge and taking the first right. The player must pick up the key and head back to Sabrina.
  2. After returning the key, Sabrina tells the player that the shop has received a new shipment of dresses and shoes, and she has ordered five of them. She demands the player to pick up five gifts around Soleanna Castle Town. Like before, there is a time limit of five minutes to do this. This part of the mission is likely the hardest, as the items are not marked on the radar. All but one of them should be located in open areas in the streets; the other one can be found in an alley. The player must return to Sabrina after collecting the final gift.
  3. After giving Sabrina the five presents, Eggman's robots suddenly appear. The player has to destroy them all before they kill Sabrina. Thankfully, there is no time limit for this part of the mission. There are not many enemies to defeat, and they all spawn within a very narrow space, so there should be little difficulty in completing this task. The player must take down all the robots before Sabrina's health drops too low.

If the player fails any part of the Town Mission, it must be restarted from the beginning. The Town Mission will be cleared when every enemy has been defeated and Sabrina is still alive.


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