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Town Mission 11: Get into the Station! is the eleventh Town Mission in Silver's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The mission takes place in Soleanna New City, Soleanna. Silver has been urged by Mephiles to enter Soleanna New City's train station and hunt down the "Iblis Trigger", Sonic the Hedgehog. Unfortunately, the entrance to the station is being heavily patrolled by the Soleanna Royal Guards. Silver needs to hide from the officers and sneak his way into the station.

This Town Mission must be completed in order to access Radical Train.


With the right strategy, this Town Mission is almost effortless. The player's task is to reach the portal to Radical Train on the other side without being spotted by the guards, running for cover behind the oil drums. However, hiding isn't necessary at all unless trepidation arises. All the player has to do is wait for a couple of seconds and then run along the far right side, heading left at the guard nearest the portal. When the player reaches the portal undetected, the Town Mission will be cleared.


  • If the Heart of Wind is not collected, this Town Mission is impossible to enter.


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