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Town Mission 10: Raid: Evil Monster is the tenth Town Mission in Silver's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The mission takes place in Soleanna New City, Soleanna. An irate mob of Mephiles monsters have broken into the city and are causing a massive uproar throughout the streets. A bystander named Liza asks Silver to rid Soleanna New City of all the monsters before anyone gets killed by them.


The primary objective of this Town Mission is to defeat all of the enemies in Soleanna New City before any of the fleeing civilians take too much damage and die. The player can take their time in this mission, but this task is quite a challenge. The arena is very large, and after finishing off one group of enemies, it may be unclear as to where the next group is. Around the town, there are large amounts of crates (explosive and electrified ones among them) that the player can pick up with psychokinesis and hurl at the enemies. The first waves consist only of Purple phoenixes and purple worms that are easy to find and defeat. At one point, there should be a trail of Rings that leads to more enemies, including several Stalkers and a Titan. The Worms and the Titan are both "leaders", so they should be taken out first, as this will cause the remaining Takers and Stalkers to die with them. If the player is fast and efficient enough in dealing with the enemies, there should be no need to worry about the citizens' health. The Town Mission will be cleared when every monster has been destroyed and every person is alive.


  • Despite the fact that Mephiles wants Silver to kill Sonic, the enemies in this stage are minions of him, and will not hesitate to attack Silver.
  • This is the only Town Mission in the game which features Mephiles creatures, but not Iblis creatures.


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