Town Mission 10: Acrobatic Circus Scout is the tenth Town Mission in Sonic's story in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


It takes place in New City, Soleanna. Solsaliente, a touring circus troupe, have visited New City for one of their performances. However, one of the acrobats was involved in an accident during a rehearsal, meaning that they cannot appear in the show. This has put the show at risk of cancellation. Thankfully, Monica, a spokeswoman for Solsaliente, decides to recruit Sonic as a replacement for the absent acrobat. She tests him out in the "Acrobatic Rings" routine, which involves running and jumping through numerous rings as fast as possible.


There is time limit of two minutes to complete this Town Mission. The player must pass through the large orange rings floating around the city by running, jumping, using springs and bouncing off the walls of buildings, a task that is easier said than done. The Red Gem may provide assistance. The Town Mission is cleared when every ring has been passed through within the time limit.


  • Strangely, if one uses the Gun Drive to access the site of New City where the sewer grate that is used in the normal story to reach Radical Train's mirror is then Bound Jump on the grate, it will teleport the player just behind the Shop's square.

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