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Sonic racing Sonic Man in one of his Town Missions.

Town Missions are various missions that Sonic, Shadow and Silver can complete in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). They are indicated with a blue icon on the town map, or with an exclamation point over a person's head. Town Missions range from killing enemies in a certain amount of time, to going through orange rings and other unexpected tests. While some missions must be completed to proceed with the game, others are completely optional.

List of Town Missions

Sonic's Missions

  1. The winder of a Shoemaker
  2. Shadows of Eggman's Mechs
  3. Find Pele, the Beloved Dog
  4. The Soleanna Boys' Challenge
  5. Who is the Captain?
  6. The Hotel's Festival of Rings
  7. Destroy all Enemies in the New City!
  8. The Legend of the Three Musketeers (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles)
  9. Chase the Fleeing Car!
  10. Acrobatic Circus Scout
  11. Battle at the Warehouse!
  12. Open the Cave Gate!
  13. Mels, the Soleanna Running Legend
  14. VS Sonic Man
  15. Aristo's Challenge
  16. Take the Lady-in-Waiting to Town!
  17. The 100 Forgotten Rings
  18. The Test of Intelligence
  19. The Test of Courage
  20. The Test of Love

Shadow's Missions

  1. Defeat the Enemies on the Shopping Street
  2. The Mathematician's Training
  3. Emergency Order: Capture the Thieves' Cars!
  4. Request from the Rimlight Employee
  5. Buggy Ring Race
  6. The Mystery of the Ghost
  7. Motorcycle License Test
  8. Protect the Professor's Car
  9. Car Festival
  10. Agent Test: Intelligence
  11. Agent Test: Strength
  12. Lord Regis' Daughter, Sabrina
  13. Stolen Rimlight Information
  14. Save the Archaeologist!
  15. Destroy the Enemies Invading from the Desert!

Silver's Missions

  1. Soleanna's Apple Festival
  2. The Training Grounds
  3. The Stolen Bronze Medals
  4. The Airplane Tournament
  5. Protect the Coastline!
  6. The Soleanna Water Target Tournament!
  7. Catch the Soleanna Boys!
  8. Protect the Gate to the Castle Town
  9. Protect the Barrels in the Warehouse District!
  10. Raid: Evil Monster
  11. Get into the Station!
  12. Defeat the Pursuers and Escort Elise! (Amy)
  13. Lost Company Property
  14. Protect Anna - She Knows the Secret!
  15. Sonic Man Returns!
  16. The Test of Friendship
  17. The Test of Memory
  18. The Test of Heart

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