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Totem Billy is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He was a mercenary and a member of Death-Trap, making him one of the most feared men on Shanazar.


Totem Billy and the Death-Trap were hired by Grand Vizier Dr. Robotnik to capture Sonic the Hedgehog after he had committed a well-intended crime against the kingdom of Shanazar. As Death-Trap rode into the City of Shanazar, the citizens lied that Sonic had left town, but Totem Billy could feel that he was still around. Prank wished to interrogate them, but Kalus had faith in Totem Billy's skills. Sure enough, Totem Billy quickly spotted Sonic on a rooftop far away, prompting their target to come and fight them. While Sonic escaped after a brief fight, Totem Billy was able to lock onto his scent.[1]

Unfortunately, Totem Billy would pick up a cold was unable to continue tracking Sonic. After weeks of searching and with Totem Billy recovering, Death-Trap located Sonic in a small city. Their progress was impeded by the Medusa, so Totem Billy was sent to attack her, only to be turned to stone when he looked into Medusa's eyes.[2]

Original plans

Nigel Kitching would reveal on a mailing list some background information about Totem Billy and his future plans for him had Sonic the Comic not been canceled:

"[Totem Billy] is more animal that 'human'. He relates to the world with his sense of smell. He can talk but when he does he makes very little effort to communicate effectively - almost like speech is beneath him. He doesn't think much - that's a language thing. He knows a deeper reality through the power of his nostrils. Bit of a mystic."[3]


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