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Logo of Totaku.

Totaku (also known as the Totaku Collection) is a series of detailed collectible figurines approximately 10cm tall, similar to Nintendo's amiibo. The collection brings together various video game characters from the past and present, with each character on their own unique cross-shaped base, able to be displayed in multiple configurations.

It was revealed in February of 2018 that a classic-styled Sonic would be the tenth figure to join the collection.[1]

A few months later in September, classic-styled Knuckles and Tails figurines were announced to join the collection.[2] They are numbers twenty and twenty-one in the series.

The Sonic Totaku will be re-released in new packaging on November 8 2019, as part of a bundle with Team Sonic Racing.[3]

List of Sonic Totaku

Image Totaku 10 Sonic box Totaku 20 Knuckles box Totaku 21 Tails box Totaku 10 New Sonic box
Character Sonic Knuckles Tails Sonic (new box)
Number 10 20 21 10
Release date September 2018 October 2018 October 2018 November 2019


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