The Tornado Jump is a move that can be preformed by Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Amy Rose and Espio the Chameleon, respectively in Sonic Heroes.


The attack would involve either Team Sonic or Team Dark running around the nearest target to create a tornado that would swoop the enemies off their feet and leave them vulnerable to attack. For Team Rose, Amy would swing her hammer and create wind. For Team Chaotix, Espio would use ninja skills to create a gale force, he also turns invisible.

The main function of the attack is to flip enemies over to reveal a weak spot, or to blow away an enemies shield or armor, leaving them vulnerable. The Tornado Attack can also be used to scale vertical poles, or to activate propellers.

Types of Tornado Jumps

  • Team Sonic - Blue Tornado (ブルートルネード): Sonic homes in on the closest enemy and spins a full circle around them, making an hourglass shaped tornado with wide range.
  • Team Dark - Black Tornado (ブラックトルネード): Shadow's is exactly the same as Sonic's, but being black and as a result, slightly more cryptic.
  • Team Rose - Tornado Hammer (トルネードハンマー): Amy's is not actually a spin, more so a whirl with her hammer, which sends a tornado that travels, hunting down the closest enemies. Its low range, but it makes up for that by hunting down enemies.
  • Team Chaotix - Leaf Swirl (木の葉がくれ): With the least range, Espio focuses his energy, doing a back-flip within the tornado, and falls out completely invisible, leaving behind his teammates.
  • Team Super Sonic: Team Super Sonic's Tornado Attack was unnamed and simply referred to as "Light Attack". Sonic piledrives through all enemies within range and destroys them. It is similar to Sonic Overdrive.


  • For Teams Sonic and Dark, the Tornado Jump allows for an additional height boost if the player holds down the A button (X for Playstation) during or after the move. This essentially allows for a double jump.
  • Team Rose also gets an effect from using the Tornado Jump. If the A button (X for Playstation) is held during the move it will allow Amy to use her Propeller Hammer attack again to cross even farther distances.
  • Team Chaotix has no effect from holding the A button.
  • When Espio uses Leaf Storm, he turns invisible and the rest of the team does not follow his lead.
  • Tornado Jump can also extinguish torches. However, in most stages it makes no difference.
  • The move is a hindrance if its used against flying enemies, as it does no damage. The Tornado Jump causes them to become temporarily invulnerable, as they try to stabilize themselves from the wind.
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