The Tornado is a move used in Sonic Riders. It is a racing technique used by riders on Extreme Gear where they utilize Air to drop a tornado behind them as a trap for opponents.


When performing the Tornado, the users spins around once on their Extreme Gear and uses their accumulated Air to release a grey mini-tornado in their wake. These tornados possess strong enough wind currents to knock an Extreme Gear rider off-balance.

In gameplay, the Tornado's function is to serve as traps the player can set for other racers. When performed, the player sets up a stationary mini-tornado behind them that when touched causes opponents to lose all their momentum and come to an almost complete stop. This makes the Tornado useful for surprising opponents on the player's tail.

To use the Tornado, the player has to have Air in the Air Tank. To perform the Tornado in gameplay, the player must press both the Xbox-Button-LT.png/Playstation-Button-L1.png Button/Lgame.png and Xbox-Button-RT.png/R1ps3.png/Rgame.png at the same time. However, this move costs both a lot of Air and racing speed, so it should be used tactically.

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