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The Tornado[1] is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is a uniquely designed aircraft built by the Ancients,[2] but was eventually abandoned. It was rediscovered several centuries later, where it would be used by Team Sonic for a while, with Tails serving as its primary pilot.



The Tornado is a medium-sized blue aircraft. Like a biplane, it has two main wings stacked above the other, but they are so close together that they have smaller distance between them that the Tornado's airframe. Between the middle of its wings, the Tornado has a propeller, but it does not have a propeller on the nose. The nose rim and the wings' sides are yellow, and the tip of the wings are each adorned with a light blue light. It also has a raise and rather large empennage.

The Tornado possesses two open cockpits with windshields, but instead of being aligned along the airframe, they are placed side-by-side.

Features and abilities

The Tornado is noted to be an impressive piece of tech by present-day standards despite being several centuries old.[3][4] It possesses two propellers for momentum with retractable energy blades. When active, the propellers leave a helix-shaped contrail. When stationary, the Tornado is capable of hovering slightly above ground, allowing for quick take-off. Supposedly, it also comes with ejector seats.[5]



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Tornado Rise of Lyric

The Tornado after being fixed up by Cliff.

Originally created by the Ancients, the Tornado ended up buried. About a thousand years later, it was discovered by Cliff and his workers during an excavation. During their visit, Team Sonic saw the Tornado, which Tails was confident he could fly. When the quartet needed to go to Bygone Island, Cliff fixed the Tornado and used it to bring the heroes to their intended location. It was soon after used by Sonic and Tails to reach the Sky Citadel when the Seaside Harbor Light failed to bring them there. Team Sonic later used the Tornado to escape the citadel when it fell apart and pursue Lyric the Last Ancient to his lair, although the Tornado took a beating when it landed.

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Tornado SC

Team Sonic onboard the Tornado.

In Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, the Tornado was original a part of an abandoned vehicle hangar from the Ancients in Volcanic Crater. When Team Sonic got stuck in the volcano, the group located the Tornado and used it to escape the caverns before it erupted, and reach Cloud Sanctuary where Amy was being held prisoner, despite Tails' issues with the controls. Upon arriving however, the Tornado was wrecked by Lyric the Last Ancient.

TV series

Season one

Bye Bye Tornado

The Tornado sinking into the lake.

When Sonic faced Burnbot, Tails flew into the fray in the Tornado and helped Sonic attack with the Speeding Swing Surprise. However, the Tornado's wing got clipped by Burnbot, and Tails crashed with the plane when the ejector seat failed. Patching the Tornado together again, Tails used it to race Dr. Eggman when they competed to be Sonic's new sidekick. However, the plane got damaged by Burnbot again and it crashed in a frozen lake where it sunk.[5]



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